Test-taker help

Return to the dashboard

Navigate and review your progress

You can easily navigate between questions in Replay by selecting the Next and Back buttons.

At any time during the test, you can visit the Progress summary screen to review a summary of your questions. On this screen you can filter questions by Answered, Not answered, questions you haven’t yet visited (Not read), and Flagged questions.

Select the progress icon The button you select to open the progress summary screen. button at the top of a question screen to go to the Progress summary screen.

You can select any option to filter the questions, for example, if you select Not answered, only questions you have not responded to will display.

Flag questions

If you would like to come back to a question later in your test, use the flag option to label the question with a flag.

To flag a question select Flag at the bottom of the question screen. The button will change to Unflag which gives you the option to remove the flag.

Flag question button and Unflag question button
Flagged questions show on the Progress summary screen. You can jump to flagged questions by selecting the question, in this example, question 1.

Progress summary screen with question 1 flagged