Janison Remote for test-takers help portal


Welcome to the Janison Remote test-taker help site! Our aim is to assist you with your device setup and to let you know what to expect during your exam.

What is Janison Remote?

Janison Remote, powered by Proctortrack, is an online remote proctoring service that allows test-takers to securely take exams from remote locations, ensuring the integrity of the examination process.

The software confirms your identity and monitors you through a webcam. It has a lockdown mechanism that prevents you from accessing web browsers or other applications.


Onboarding is the preparation process before the main event is scheduled. The Onboarding process establishes your identity with Proctortrack and ensures that the exam software functions properly on your device.

Main Events

At the start of a main event test, you will need to complete facial and ID scans to verify your identity against the details provided during onboarding.

A room scan, providing a 360-degree view of your testing environment may be required by your institution.

Accommodations and accessibility

If you need additional time or specific accommodations in order to sit a test, contact your institution’s course team so they can review your request and make any adjustments before the start of your test.

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