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Test access codes

There are two types of test codes used to access your test. The session code, which links you to a specific invigilated test session, and the test-taker code, which links the test to your account.

Note: The type of test you are taking will determine whether you will require both test codes or just the test-taker code. Your organisation will provide you with the codes you will need to access your test.

Test-taker code

This is an example of the test-taker code screen, this is the first screen you will see when logging into your test. You may hear the test-take code referred to as a ‘student code’ or ‘one-time-code’.

student code

Test session code

This is an example of the session code screen, you will be directed to this page after entering your test-taker code on the previous screen.

Note: If you are taking a test that does not require a session code, you will not see this screen.

session code

Some institutions will direct you to your test using the candidate dashboard. If you are accessing your test via the candidate dashboard, you will not be required to enter a code to enter your test.