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Zoom tool

The zoom tool provides you with the option to zoom in and out of items in a test.

Note that options exist for the test author to adjust the zoom tool, for example they can remove the zoom-to-fit  option. This means that what you see may differ slightly to the screen captures below.

The zoom tool displays at the top left of the test player.

test player with zoom tool highlighted

When you expand the zoom tool, options are available to zoom to various levels.

At the bottom is an option to zoom-to-fit . You can use this to scale the test player to the maximum width and height of the viewport without introducing scrollbars.

When you zoom in, a menu icon becomes available to access the zoom levels and the other tools that may have been hidden due to the zoom level.

This is an example of what you may see when you open the menu, but the content that displays here will differ depending on what the test author included in the test.

Keyboard shortcut

Keep pressing Z until you reach the required magnification.