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Test player (Replay)

Janison Replay (Replay) is Janison Insights’ online test delivery app, allowing test-takers to participate in digital exams.

If your exam is open book, it will launch in your browser. If your exam is closed book, you or your organisation will need to install the Replay app and your exam will open in the app. The app restricts access to utilities and system functions, prevents application switching and unauthorised device resources being used during an assessment.

This is the home screen of Replay.

After selecting Start a Test, you will need to enter the session code. Some launch URLs will include the session code, in this case, won’t see this screen.

You will then need to enter your student code after which the test will launch.

Candidate dashboard

Some institutions direct you to your tests through the candidate dashboard. If you access your test via the candidate dashboard, you won’t need to enter your student code. 


Replay demo video

The following video gives you an overview of taking a test in Replay. The features you see may differ depending on what your test author has configured in your test.

Install Replay

If your institution requires you to install Replay, you can find the instructions on our administrator site here.

The first install screen for Windows.