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Janison Replay

Janison Replay (Replay) is Janison Insights’ online test delivery app, allowing test-takers to participate in digital exams. The resilience component of Replay means that the test player remains interactive through internet dropouts and disconnections, delivering a consistent and equitable test-taking experience, no matter how reliable or unreliable the network connection is.

Replay can be configured to run offline, so tests can be delivered at locations with no internet connection.

Replay can deliver tests via an app or in a browser:

The app restricts access to utilities and system functions, prevents application switching and unauthorised device resources being used during an assessment. Administrators need to install the app on each test-taker’s device. View supported operating systems.

The browser runs as an open-book type exam without the lock-down features. Test-takers access Replay using a URL provided by Janison. View supported browsers.

Invigilators can monitor and manage test-takers from the test session administration dashboard.

This is the home screen of Replay. Options are available for administrators to modify the text and to add a logo if required.

After selecting Start a Test, the test-taker will need to enter the session code. Some launch URLs will include the session code so that test-takers won’t see this screen.

They will then need to enter their student code after which the test will launch.

Sessionless delivery

Test-takers can access their tests without having to enter a session code if the assessment event is set to sessionless. This workflow does not support resilience and uses the browser, therefore is not locked down. You can read about sessionless delivery here.

Candidate dashboard

Test-takers can access their tests through the candidate dashboard without having to enter their student code. This workflow launches the test in the browser, therefore is not locked down. You can read about the candidate dashboard here.

Replay toolbar

Administrators can customise the toolbar to display or hide tools, for example if a test doesn’t contain sound, the speaker can be hidden. See Replay settings below for the available options.

Administrators or test-takers can test their speakers, microphone and connection speed by selecting the relevant icons.

Replay video demo

The following video gives you an overview of a test in Replay from the test-taker’s perspective.

Replay modes

There are two modes available, online and offline.


To run your test online you need an internet connection. As test-takers access their test and progress through the test, their responses are sent to Janison Insights for marking and analysis.

You can also run your test online if the network is unreliable. This is referred to as ‘resilient testing’. When you run a test online, after the test-taker enters their student code into Replay, it securely downloads a copy of their test package. This ensures the test-taker doesn’t experience any disruption, if whilst taking the test, the Internet is not able to be reached. Replay remains interactive so that the experience is exactly the same as if there were no network disruptions.

Note that not all versions of Replay support the resilient mode. Please contact your Janison account manager for supported versions.


In certain versions of Replay, you can pre-load a device with tests so that test-takers can take them offline using the pre-loaded test. The test-taker’s experience is the same as if it were online.

To run a test in this mode, administrators need to prepare the devices with the relevant test and once the test is complete, reconcile the device to get the test attempt data to the online platform. We have covered the steps to preparing and reconciling in the topics below.

Replay offline

Note: not all versions of Replay support the offline mode. Please contact your Janison account manager for supported versions.

Install Replay app

You will need to install Replay on each device. The steps differ depending on the device’s operating system (OS). Your Janison account manager will provide you with the details to download the relevant app.

Note: These steps don’t apply if you’re running your test in a browser as you will navigate to Replay, the URL will usually be ‘https://your-insights-url/testplayer2/testplayer/home’.

Windows install

The set-up assistant will guide you through the steps. The screens below include samples of what you will see. Once installed, you can launch Replay as you would launch any other app on your device.

Managed Chromebook install

To run Janison Replay on managed Chromebooks, your organisation needs to subscribe to a Chrome service, such as Chrome Enterprise, Chrome Education, or Chrome Kiosk.

Step 1: Add Replay to your Google account

In order to run Replay on managed Chromebooks, you will need to add it to the Google account in the admin console.

Note: This is a one-off configuration, you do not need to undertake these steps on the test-takers’ device.

Scroll through the slides below to view the steps.

Step 2: Enroll a Chrome device

All the test-taker Chromebooks using Replay need to be enrolled into your Google Apps prior to the assessment. Enrolling Chromebooks allows administrators to manage the devices, configure features and enforce the device policies through a single admin portal. This step may have already been completed to run other applications in kiosk mode. Check with you IT specialist.

Enrolling a Chrome device is a one-off action, for example, when the device is new in a school. Each enrolled device complies with the policies you set in the admin console, until you wipe or deprovision it.

You can read more about enrolling devices here.

You can view a list of enrolled devices in your Admin console by browsing to Devices > Overview and selecting the ChromeOS devices tile.

Important: You must enrol devices before anyone signs into them. If you do not do this, you need to wipe the device and restart enrolment. You can view steps to wipe the device here.

Set Replay to auto-launch (optional)

This step is optional and allows you to set Janison Replay to auto-launch when the Chromebook is powered up.

Note: It will not be possible to use the device for any other purpose while Replay is set to auto-launch.

Navigate back to the KIOSKS screen, select Auto-launch App > Janison Replay.

Select Save in the top right. When the device is powered up, Replay will automatically launch. If this is not required at any stage, set the auto-launch back to None.

If Janison Replay is not set to Auto-launch app, you can access Replay from the home screen by selecting Apps > Janison Replay as highlighted below.

iOS install

The Janison Replay iOS app supports iPads, excluding iPad Mini.

Install Replay

Open the App Store on the device and follow the steps below.

Change the Insights server URL

Once you have entered the URL of the Insights server as per the previous step, that screen won’t display again.

If you need to change the URL, launch Janison Replay, you should see the Welcome screen.

Press and hold the screen with three fingers for 5 seconds. Please enter admin password displays. Enter the word ‘configure’ into the field and select Ok.

Enter the required URL and select the Connect button to confirm.

Android install

You can download Replay for Android on Google Play. Open the App Store on the device and follow the onscreen instructions.

View the details by selecting the button below.

macOS install

You will need to download the MacOS install files, your Janison account manager will advise you of the location of these.

After downloading the file, follow the steps in slides below.

Reconcile devices

If a test attempt was started while online, Replay will attempt to reconcile automatically when the test is submitted. This means the attempt is sent to the online server to be marked and processed.

If a test attempt is started or submitted while offline, the device will need to be reconciled. You will need to use the reconcile feature in Replay to manually review and reconcile the test attempt.

When to reconcile?

  1. Browse to the tests session administration dashboard. If the test was started online but then went offline during the test, the test-taker will display on the Test Sessions Administration Dashboard. If the dashboard doesn’t reflect their status, for example they have submitted but they appear in progress on the dashboard, you will need to reconcile their device. or
  2. View Replay on the test-taker’s device. If a device needs to be reconciled, a yellow notification icon displays on the home button.

Reconcile online

To Reconcile a device, follow the steps in the slides below.

Reconcile offline

If you are unable to reconcile the device online due to an unreliable network connection, you can export the test-taker’s test attempt to a file which can then be transported or emailed to a device with a reliable network connection. Once this is completed, you can then import it to that device and reconcile the attempt.

Important: The option to reconcile with a file is not supported on all systems, please contact your Janison account manager for supported devices.

Export a test attempt

If the device is offline, a red or orange icon displays on the cloud .  

Follow the steps in the slides below.

Import a test attempt

Open Replay on a device connected to the internet.


Prepare devices

You will only need to prepare Replay on your devices if you plan to run your test offline. During the prepare process, the test and all related data downloads to the device.

The prerequisites for preparing Replay are:

  • An internet connection
  • An active assessment event with the relevant test-taker enrolments
  • An active test session

You will need a PIN to unlock the device. You can find the PIN at the bottom of your delivery dashboard.

To prepare a device follow the steps below:

Once you have completed the steps above, you can view the following:

  1. Device Information – View the device ID and storage quota.
  2. Device Currently Prepared For – View the tests, test sessions and test attempts.
  3. Device Check – Test your network speed, image visibility, speakers and microphone.
  4. Prepare Device –  Prepare your device for a test session, test-takers or an assessment event.

In the above screen capture you can see that the device is not prepared for any tests.

There are three options to prepare your device:

Select the relevant option to prepare your device and select Prepare.

The test package will download to the device.

Once complete, the Device Currently Prepared For section updates with the tests, sessions and attempts you have prepared for.

Select the Return to Home button.

The Prepare tile updates with a count of the test sessions and test attempts the device is prepared for.

When you have completed the preparation of the device, you need to lock the device again to remove test-taker’s access to links and menu items which have been available to you while setting it up.

To do this select the Padlock icon.

The icon becomes a closed lock.

Reset device

You can remove all data including test attempts and prepared tests from devices to free up space on the device or to clear test-taker data for security reasons.

Select Reset Device.

Optionally, select Remove Device Identifier, then select the Confirm button.

Tools and features

These tools and are not Replay features but test authors can set them to display in the test player.

Stationery tools and reference material

Stationary tools include question flagging, ruler, protractor, calculator and notepad. You can read more about these features in our document on Stationery tools.

Reference materials are resources attached to a test section. They are useful in the situation where a common resource is required across all the questions, such as a formula sheet or periodic table. You can read more about this feature in our document on Reference material.

Progress summary

The progress summary provides test-takers with a count of the items in a test and where they are up to. They can select the grid to view a summary screen, including the items they have flagged.

Test authors can select from a list of options to determine how this displays at the test level.

Test player themes

Test player themes offer the capability to incorporate a logo, customise colours, and for administrators to integrate overriding CSS into Replay. You can read more about this feature in our document on Test player themes.

Replay settings

Administrators have options to configure Replay in Test Delivery Settings and Test Designer Setting.

Your Janison account manager will help you to configure Replay to best suit your requirements. While not an exhaustive guide to available options, it provides insight into potential changes you can implement.

To set Replay toolbar options, browse to SettingsTest Delivery Settings. 

Administrators can further control Replay by browsing to Settings > Test Designer SettingsTest Player 2 Settings.

Zoom tool

Here, among other options, is the possibility to add and control the zoom tool. This  tool provides test-takers with the option to zoom in and out of items in a test.

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