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Janison Insights

New to Janison Insights and not sure where to start? We’ll walk you through the basics so you know what to expect along the way.

Janison Insights for test-takers

A site for test-takers to prepare for their tests. They can view tools available, how to navigate tests and more.

Janison Academy

Take control over your learning with end-to-end tools – from learning delivery and reporting, to CPD tracking and social engagement.

Janison Remote

Broaden the reach and efficacy of your exams and tests with state-of-the-art remote assessment proctoring technology.

Innovative Online Assessment and Learning Solutions

Janison creates online assessment and learning solutions for governments, educators and corporations that are scalable from hundreds to millions of test-takers and learners. Technology so clever and intuitive that your focus stays where it should – on driving better education and training outcomes for your organisation.

Online Assessment and Exam Solutions

Digitise and streamline your entire exam and testing experience with a powerful suite of end-to-end tools – from authoring and delivery to marking and analysis.

  • Deliver thousands of concurrent exams across multiple devices and time zones – including locations with poor or no internet connectivity
  • Bring your subject matter to life with a choice of 20+ interactive question types
  • Break down the barriers of equity with testing experiences that support students with additional needs
  • Create customised authoring workflows to manage large numbers of item writers and reviewers.