Janison Remote for Instructors

What is Janison Remote?

Janison Remote, powered by Proctortrack, is an online proctoring solution for institutions and students. It essentially acts as an online exam hall, allowing:

  • Remote test delivery
  • Monitoring of student conduct during tests


Proctoring is the supervision of people taking an exam or test to make sure they are behaving as they should and no cheating is taking place. A person who supervises an exam or test is called a proctor – you may have heard the similar term ‘invigilator’.

For institutions/organisations

Educational institutions and organisations use Jansion Remote to:

  • Set up online tests, including:
    • Setting start and end times
    • Enrolling students
    • Publishing tests
  • Customise test conditions, restrictions and allowances
  • Run tests remotely, with an option to use live proctoring
  • Ensure tests are completed without any misconduct or cheatingby using a combination of AI and human reviews

For students

Students use Janison Remote to:

  • Onboard ahead of time and be ready for the start of the test
  • Verify their identitybefore the test starts
  • Take tests remotely, such as from home, an office or a library
  • Use their webcam to identify themselves and be monitored during the test
  • Have their computer screen monitored during tests

Other features

Janison Remote also offers:

  • Technical support during set up of test events and while the test is in progress
  • Connectivity with the Janison Replay test delivery system to deliver test content


Onboarding refers to students using Janison Remote to sit an onboarding test. During this test a baseline identity profile of the student is created by using facial and ID card scans. As this profile will be used to verify the correct student is sitting main event tests, onboarding must happen before a student sits a main event test.

Baseline identity profiles remain valid for 365 days and students won’t need to complete onboarding again while their baseline profile remains valid.

Onboarding allows students to prepare for the main event ahead of time and in a low-pressure situation. Students can use onboarding to:

  • Check their hardware setup will allow them to use Janison Remote
  • Become familiar with using Jansion Remote – the onboarding test and main even tests work in the same way
  • Change any system settings in preparation for the main event
  • Create a baseline identity profile using facial and ID scans, which are used to verify the correct student is sitting the test during a main event
  • Sit a practice test (if includedby the institution/organisation) to get used to using the Janison Replay Test Player


Onboarding should be completed well ahead of the start of a main event test. For full details of how to complete onboarding, refer to the preparation steps information for students.

Main Events

A main event is when an assessment test is run. Students need to prepare before a main event by onboarding.

At the start of a main event test, a student may need to complete:

  • Facial and ID scans to verify their identity against the details provided during onboarding
  • A room scan, providing a 360-degree view of the room they will be in during the test and a clear capture of their desk area

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