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The Janison Cloud Learning System (CLS) enables you to deliver online learning and assessment simply and quickly across a variety of platforms and devices. To help you start we have provided a summary of the main areas of the system.

Note: The CLS is highly customisable and therefore the menu and layout of your site may be different to the images in the documentation.


Home is usually set as the CLS landing page and the learners’ gateway to access courses and progress.

Manage Learning

gives you powerful options to create and manage learning assets of many types. Some of the most common learning types include Courses, Discussion forums, face to face events and Assessments. Manage Learning can manage other aspects of learning such as enrolling learners, marking tests and approving and endorsing learning. Competencies and Continued Professional Development (CPD) can be created and linked to learning assets and learners. A powerful reporting facility exists to report on most data in the system. Payment systems can be easily configured and linked to learning.

Manage People

makes it possible to create new users and manage existing users. You can group your users using organisations and/or groups. Grouping your users into smaller sub sections makes it easy to manage and report on smaller categories of people. You have the option to set user positions to achieve an organisational reporting hierarchy if required. All users have a Role assigned to their account. Some of the most common Roles include Basic User, Content Designer, Marker, Facilitator and Tenant Administrator. For example a role of Marker allows a user to mark tests and assignments but not change courses or enrolments.


gives you access to create interactive courses, test and surveys. Templates are available to provide advanced features such as Accordions, Pop-ups and Reflections tiles without technical web development skills required. The learning assets can be categorised into topics using disciplines. A tagging feature exists to further categorise them for sorting and reporting.


provides configuration options so that features can be turned on and off depending on your requirements. It also provides options for example to set password complexities and control when automated emails are sent to users. When your site is implemented the Janison team make most of the required changes so you will not have to visit this area of the system very often.
Some of the reasons your site may look different to the screenshots in the help documents are:

  • The Role you are logged in with has a set of permissions assigned to it which restricts or allows access to the menu items on your site. If you do not have certain permissions, related menu items will be hidden. Roles range from Basic User to Super Administrator.
  • Customised web pages may have been created to meet your special requirements.
  • The system comes with a set of default terminologies however most text can be changed to suit your requirements using String Resources. For example Tests can be renamed to Quizzes.
  • The Menus can be customised to suit your requirement for example the order can be changed or items added and removed.

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