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Add & Share


Add & Share provides learners with an interface to submit course material they would like to include in the library for other learners to access. A submission will create a catalogue item and generate an email to administrators who will review and approve or decline the submission. Learners will earn points for their approved submissions.

Add & Share Settings

In the settings area, options are available for linking templates to catalogue items and changing the points they will earn for various actions.

Link a catalogue item template

The catalogue item template linked in the settings area will be used in the background when learners create content. It is recommended to set a catalogue item template otherwise notifications and tagging will not be supported. You can read more about this topic in our document on catalogue item templates.

Navigate to Settings > Social Learning.

  1. Select the  icon.
  2. Select an Add and Share Catalogue Item Template.

Defining activity points

When learners add content, they are awarded points. They are also awarded points for other actions when:

  • Other learners complete their content.
  • A comment is liked.
  • The content is recommended.
  • The content is shared.
  • The content is rated.

Points are assigned to these items by default but administrators can change these values.

  • Still in social learning settings, select the  icon on Activity Points Definition.
  • Make changes to the Points for the required Teach items.

Configure catalogue item template for tags

You can set they way content is tagged on creation. You can read more about this in our document on catalogue item template settings.

Auto-tag: On creation, new add & share items will automatically be tagged with the tags added to this field.

Limit tags: This will limit the tags that can be associated with add & share item. Selecting this option will activate the two fields below where the tags can be specified.

Allowable Tag Types: The tags types added here will limit the tags available for selection in add & share items.

Mandatory Tag Types: The tag types added here enforce at least one tag from this category to be added.

The tag set in the above image will be displayed as fields in the new add & share item as below.

User Experience

The Add & Share UI is intuitive so learners can populate the form without instructions.

Note that Tooltips are available by hovering over the  icons.

Steps for learners to submitting an Add & Share item

  1. Click Add & Share
  2. Complete the form details
  3. Click Save

The Add & Share Form explained

Introduction text

The Introduction text can be changed via String Resources

  • 1st Paragraph search for: Janison.SocialLearning/UiElements.AddAndShareShareInformation
  • 2nd Paragraph search for: Janison.SocialLearning/UiElements.AddAndShareShareItHere
TitleThe title will appear in the catalogue item and is mandatory field
DescriptionThe description will appear in the catalogue and is a mandatory field

This is an image that is linked to the catalogue item.

  • File size limit is 200KB
  • Supported file types include JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF

The Content section allows:

  • Upload of supported file types including JPG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, MP3, AAC, M4A, M4V, F4V, MOV, WMV, PDF
  • Link to external websites and URLs
Auto TagsThis is a system setting and configured in Settings. This is non-editable by the user
Professional InterestsSelect one or more Professional Interest tags to link to the item to assist with search and categorisation of the item. This is a mandatory field.
AcknowledgementCheck box which is mandatory acknowledging that the user has permission to share this content.
Submit ButtonSubmits the content for final approval. When submitted the content will be in a pending state.

Administrator Approval

When a learner makes a submission, the content item will be placed in the pending approval filter of the catalogue manager. Administrators will receive an email notification of the submission.

Navigate to Manage Learning > Manage Catalogue.

  1. Select Pending Approval.
  2. Select the Catalogue Name.

The catalogue item details screen will be displayed.

  1. Select Change from the Status dropdown.
    The options you see in the dropdown will depend on the workflow set on your catalogue item template. You can read more about this topic in our document on catalogue item workflows.
  2. Select the required option.
    You can view details about the options by hovering over the i icon.

A popup will be displayed.

  1. Enter a comment (optional).
  2. Select Yes.

The learner who submitted the content will receive a notification email.

The approved catalogue item will appear on the learn dashboard for users to access.