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Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is the default UI for social learning. It can be replaced with the Learning Carousel.

Components of the dashboard

A. The Dashboard tileLists the items a learner has visited.
B. The Learn tileThe learn tile provides learners with access to the library of content on the site. It also contains:
  • My Interests lists items belonging to the Professional Interests you selected when you first entered the site. You can adjust these by selecting Change my interests. Items can be further limited by the drop down filters.
  • Peer Recommended lists items that have been recommended to the learner by another user in the system.
  • Business Recommended lists items that have been assigned to a user via assign learning. You can read more on this topic in our document on assign learning.

The filters allow users to drill down further by status and various other criteria. These filters may differ depending on what has been configured for your site.

C. The New Courses tileLinks to the newest items that have been added to the system.
D. The People tileLinks to the experts and leaderboard screen where user progress and points achieved are summarised.

This screen summarises points and ranking for all Professional Interests.

  • You can:
    • search for users to view individual progress.
    • filter by interest, which will filter the user points and ranking for the interest selected.
  • This section also:
    • summarises your own rank and point in relation to the total learners on the site.
    • lists you points you have attained per category of learn, teach and share.
    • lists learners by rank and lists points.
E. The Challenges tileChallenges are a set of engagement tasks which learners must complete before a deadline to be eligible for rewards. You can read more about this feature in our document on challenges.
F. The Add & Share tileAdd & Share provides learners with an interface to submit learning material they would like to include in the library for other learners to access. You can read more about this feature in our document on add & share.
G. The Experts and Leaderboards tilelinks to the experts and leaderboards screen. This is covered in more detail below.
H. Yammer GroupsIf you have set up an integration to Yammer, the tile links to Yammer