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User Voice


The UserVoice plugin can be integrated with Janison Academy, to create a valuable feedback tool for the platform that:

  • Allows users to suggest and collaborate on ideas.
  • Collects and organises feedback from multiple sources.
  • Provides a clear and actionable view of user feedback.
  • Enables Janison Academy product development to adapt to your users’ needs.

How does UserVoice work?

Administrators can submit new ideas for Janison Academy, via a widget within the platform.

Ideas are captured on the Janison Learning forum hosted by UserVoice, where users can review, support, comment on, and subscribe to the ideas.

Enabling UserVoice

Contact your Janison project or support team, who will be able to enable the UserVoice plugin and set up the required permissions and menu items.


Tenant administrators can configure the style and default options of UserVoice. UserVoice settings can be configured per sub-domain, if these are used.

To configure UserVoice

  1. Go to Settings > UserVoice Settings.
  2. The UserVoice screen will display. Select the edit icon next to UserVoice Settings to enable editing. As needed, customise the following settings:
    • UserVoice Starting Experience – Select what the user will see by default when they select the trigger and the widget opens.
      • Note: While both Post Idea and Smart Vote are visible in this menu, currently only the Post Idea option is active in the system. This means that even if Smart Vote is selected here, the UserVoice starting experience will still be Post Idea. The Smart Vote option is to be included in a future system release.
    • Accent Colour – Select the colour of the accents that will display on the widget.
    • Trigger Colour – Select the colour of the trigger icon that users select to open the widget.
    • Trigger Background Colour – Select the background colour of the trigger that users select to open the widget.
  3. Select Save to save your changes.

Using UserVoice

Once UserVoice is enabled, users will see a lightbulb icon trigger in the top right hand corner of the user interface, next to their user profile details. The styling of the trigger can be configured by the tenant administrator.

Selecting the trigger will open the UserVoice widget and allow the user to submit their idea for the Janison platform, by:

  • Describing their idea.
  • Optionally including a relevant attachment.
  • Optionally reviewing and any existing topics reported by the widget that are similar to their idea’s description. This includes the option to subscribe to topics.