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Manage Learning

In this area you manage the wide range of Learning Assets in the CLS, including everything from creating most of them, tagging them, enrolling Users in them, arranging payment, marking Tests and endorsing learning conducted elsewhere. Learning Assets can be correlated with managing and monitoring Competencies and with Continued Professional Development (CPD). In this area of the CLS you also find a powerful facility for reporting on data in the entire system.

In the CLS a Learning Asset is an intellectual property that helps Users learn or that tests their learning. Learning Assets can take many forms, see the topic on Learning Assets for more information.

All Learning Assets need to be linked to a Catalogue Item so that Users can enrol or be enrolled in them. There are a number of methods of creating Enrolments, see the topic on Enrolments. Once created, Enrolments are monitored and managed in this section.

As the diagram above shows, a Catalogue Item and some kinds of Learning Assets can optionally be linked to Certificates. Users receive a Certificate on completion of the Enrolment in that learning.

The diagram also shows that Catalogue Items and some kinds of Learning Assets can optionally be linked to Tags. Aside from their use in CPD (see below), Tags and Tag Types play an important role in sorting, organising, locating and laying out various types of content in the CLS, see the topic on Tags and Tag Types. Tags play an analogous role to that of Groups and Group Types in User management.

You can also link Competencies to Catalogue Items and some kinds of Learning Assets so that on successful completion of a Catalogue Item, learners are automatically awarded the Competencies attached to the learning. Competency Requirements can be established for specified Users in the system. Managers run various reports to determine compliance with specified Competency Requirements amongst their staff.

Catalogue Items also work with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). A CPD plan requires that Users accumulate a specified number of points in certain Tags. Users do this by completing Catalogue Items that are linked to those Tags and collecting the points allocated to the Catalogue Items. Managers can run various reports to determine the CPD status of their staff.

Most Tests in the CLS are automatically marked. For those that are not, Markers are notified and can access this section of the system to mark the Tests and Assessments involved.

A number of standard Reports can be run on the system. Customisable Reports provide a powerful way to manage the system by making it possible to run unique and detailed reports on key components of the CLS system. The process involves specifying the component (e.g. Users), the members of that component (e.g. basic users), the information (e.g. name) and the report layout required. There are various other options, such as saving the output and scheduling reports, see Customisable Reports.

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