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Supported browsers and platforms

To help ensure a smooth experience, we recommend these specifications for Janison applications.

Janison Insights browser-based applications

Insights browser-based applications are compatible with a range of stable operating system (OS) versions for desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Note: Mobile devices smaller than a standard tablet device (screen resolution 1024 × 768) are not supported.

New OS or browser versions that are released just prior to events will have limited support, we therefore recommend remaining on the OS and browser versions as listed in the Janison release notes.

Operating system Browser (Primary compatibility) Browser (Secondary compatibility, limited Support)
Android Chrome n/a
iPadOS Safari n/a
MacOS Safari Chrome, Firefox
Windows  10 (version 22H2 – build 10.0.19045, until end of life 24 October 2025) Chrome Edge, Firefox
Windows 11 Chrome, Edge, Firefox n/a
ChromeOS Chrome Firefox

Notes regarding operating systems

  • Please refer to the vendors of the operating systems for their minimum hardware requirements.
  • Janison does not support beta, developer or other alternative build versions.
  • Janison does not support ChromeOS Flex.

Any other OS versions outside of this range can be negotiated in advance, as required.

Notes regarding web browsers

  • Janison supports the most recent web browsers as indicated in the table above. We request that you use the most recent versions to improve security, performance and stability. Please see our Pledge below.
  • Cookies and Javascript must be enabled.
  • Janison does not support beta or alternative build versions of these browsers.

Any other browser versions outside of this range can be negotiated in advance, as required.

Janison Replay

You can download Replay for Android on Google Play, and for iPadOS from the App store. Your Janison account manager will provide you with the files for the other operating systems.

Except for Windows 10, Replay will work on the current and previously released stable operating system versions for desktops, laptops and tablets as listed in the table above.

Note that Replay doesn’t support Windows Devices in tablet mode or touch device mode”. We only support them as desktop devices with a physical keyboard and mouse/trackpad

Not all devices and OS combinations support Replay Offline/Resilient delivery mode. Please contact your Janison account manager for further information.

Our pledge

Janison does its best to ensure access and availability for students to participate in assessments and learning.

Due to the sheer volume and variety of devices in the ever-changing marketplace, Janison only supports current and previously released stable operating system versions as listed above in Janison Browser based applications. We will endeavour to update these guidelines, as required.

Janison reserves the right to change these guidelines; where possible we will provide reasonable notice of any material changes to these guidelines.

Please contact us should your organisation have special requirements.

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