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Introduction to marking

Janison Insights has powerful marking features to facilitate marking accuracy and efficiency, saving significant marking time and allowing you to see results immediately.

The system can manage marking teams, train Markers and monitor Marker progress and quality.


Janison Insights is highly customisable and therefore the entities in your system may have been renamed and the menu may have been customised.

It’s important to remember you will only be able to see the entities in the menu which you have access to create.

Marking modes

The system offers a range of marking modes to suit the needs of your organisation – including full support for paper marking. The different modes available are:

Marking mode Description
Automatic marking Where the system automatically marks items as soon as the candidate moves to the next question. Scores are calculated as soon as the Invigilator finalises the test session. This feature offers unparalleled turnaround speeds for candidates’ results.
Semi-automatic marking Where a test combines both automatically marked questions and those that are more suitable for manual marking.
Paper marking Where marking is completed on paper (available with suitable tests). Candidate responses can be exported to a Word document which can be downloaded, printed and distributed to your Markers.

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