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Enrolment based marking

Enrolment based marking projects distinguish themselves from standard marking projects by releasing results while testing is ongoing. This is suitable in scenarios where a test is in progress, allowing both test-takers and teachers to access their results concurrently, with others still undergoing testing.

In standard marking projects, the chief marker must close the project before the system releases marks. Standard marking projects are typically employed for events where all test-takers complete the exam, and results are not required until after everyone has completed.

Important: Test-taker responses are also referred to as ‘scripts’.

Some other differences are:

  • Enrolment based marking can optionally be set to use seed scripts as a form of quality control. Standard marking includes a wider range of quality controls such as standardisation, blind quality monitoring, double marking, and sampling.
  • A dashboard is available for enrolment based marking where markers and chief markers can view a summary of the progress in the marking project. They also have access to marking teams and scores, and a button which takes them to the marking screen.

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