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Organisation Units

Organisation units provide further division within an organisation structure.  For example schools within a school system, or departments within a hospital.  An organisation unit must belong to one organisation.

Organisation units can be accessed by selecting Manage People > Organisation Units.

There are two methods to creating an organisation unit:

  1. Manually adding.
  2. Importing from a CSV.

Add an Organisation Unit

  1. Select Add Organisation Unit.

  1. Select an Organisation.
  2. Enter a Name.
    The identifier will automatically populate.
  3. Optionally enter a description.
  4. Select Save Organisation Unit.

Import an Organisation Unit

Note:  A CSV should be created prior to importing an Organisation Unit.

  1. Select Import Organisation Units.

  1. The system provides a sample excel templates.  You will need to populate this with your organisation units and if required custom attributes.
  2. Select your Spreadsheet File.
  3. Select Upload.

Inspect an Organisation Unit

Inspecting an organisation unit gives you access to information about and relating to the org unit.

  1. A selectable link to the organisation.
  2. A link to view and edit administrators.
  3. Selectable links to UsersPositions and Groups.
  4. A section to add and edit Locations.
  5. View activities that have recently occurred.

Add or Edit an Organisation Unit’s Location

To manually add or edit the location of an organisation unit

  1. Navigate to Manage People > Organisation Units.
  2. The Organisation Units screen will display. Select the name of the required organisation unit in the list.
  3. The Organisation Unit screen for the selected organisation unit will display. This screen also displays automatically after an organisation unit is manually created. Select the edit icon to expand the Location panel and enable editing.
  4. Update the location details for the organisation unit.
  5. Select Save to save the updates or Cancel to exit without saving.
  6. After the details are saved, they will display and become locked until the edit icon on the Location panel is selected again.

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