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System reports

Janison Insights contains a range of already developed out-of-the-box reports ready for use.

The out-of-the-box reports available are broken up into their different functions:

Delivery reports

Time spent for Assessment Event Report This report displays details on the average and range of time taken by candidates to take the test for an assessment event. This is grouped by training schemes and assessment centres.

Report typeDescription
Activity Log ReportThis report displays an audit trail log for a selected system User.
Assessment Access ArrangementsReport This report displays a list of candidates with personal needs and preferences (PNP) for each assessment event so that candidates with special assessment access requirements can be identified.
Assessment Event Non-Attendance ReportThis report displays a list of all candidates who didn’t attempt an assessment. This can be used to contact the candidates who need to re-sit the assessment.
Assessment Late Starters ReportThis report displays a list of candidates who started an assessment late by a specified number of minutes (eg. 30 minutes). This is used to identify late starters who may need special consideration.
Assessment Session Disruption ReportThis report displays details on the reasons entered by Invigilators to resume/pause/extend an assessment session.
Attendance ReportThis report displays the attendance for a particular test.
Candidates in Course ReportThis report displays the number of candidate count and head count groups by department for one or more exam series.
Candidates in Submission Times Detailed ReportThis report displays a list of candidates who have submitted their test a specified number of minutes from the start of the assessment.
Candidates Submission Times Summary ReportThis report displays a list of assessment events and the percentage of candidates who submitted their test a specified number of minutes from the start of the assessment. This is used to capture the quality of candidates taking the test.
Exam Classes ReportThis report displays exam class data and the associated information such as test name, assessment components, exam series, date and time of the exam, location, the number of candidates and the number of assigned Invigilators, presiding examiners as well as team members in the marking project.
Invigilator Sessions ReportThis report displays details on Invigilator sessions and corresponding start and end times of the assessments.
Test Attempt Exam Class Mismatch ReportThis report displays the mismatch of exam class of candidates who didn’t take the test, along with any Invigilator assigned to their expected exam class.

Marking reports

Report typeDescription
Extended Text Marking Response Summary ReportThis report displays a list of the extended text marking responses for an assessment event.
ISCO Coding Extract ReportThis report displays an extract of responses, ISCO codes and related details of associated Users for a particular assessment event.
Item Analysis ReportThis report displays the item analysis breakdown for a particular test or assessment event.
Marking Project Settings ReportThis report displays information on marking project settings so any Administrator can see an overview of the marking project without needing to check each one.
OrgUnit Marking Progress ReportThis report displays the marking progress for a selected marking project.

General reports

Report typeDescription
School Completion ReportThis report displays a list a attempts and completions by Organisation Unit or school ID.

Run system reports

To run an out-of-the-box report:

  1. Select Reports from the Menu, then select Reports.
  2. Search for a report, or select the report you would like to run.
  3. Fill in the required fields, dependent on the report selected.
  4. Select the Run Report button.

    The report is displayed, with the following options:

    ARefine ReportAllows you to refine the reporting information by taking you back to step 3.
    BExportAllows you to export the report either to Excel, CSV or PDF format.

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