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Custom View

To add a custom view attribute:

  1. Select Custom View from the Type drop-down field.
  2. Select a previously-built custom page from the Custom Page drop-down field.
  3. Enter text to show on the button for the custom view in the Button Text field.


  4. Select the Linked Objects expandable section and then complete the following for each place the custom attribute needs to display:


    1. Select the system object from the Object drop-down field. This is where the custom view button will display for end users.
    2. Enter text into the Caption field. This text will be the label next to the custom view button.
    3. Enter text into the Hint Text field (optional). This will provide the end user with a hint when they hover over the Hint question mark icon next to the custom attribute.
    4. Select the Mandatory checkbox to set the custom view button as an item that must be completed (optional).
    5. Select the Inactive checkbox next to a linked system object (optional). This will set the link as inactive and the custom view button will not be shown to end users in this location.


    6. To remove a link between a system object and the custom attribute, select the Remove icon next to it.


  5. Select Save Custom Attribute.



In this example, Catalogue Item was selected as the system object was to link with the custom attribute. For a custom attribute to be used in a catalogue item, the attribute must first be linked to a custom attribute set, to allow logical organisation of custom attributes within the catalogue item’s metadata. Refer to the section Add a custom attribute set for more information on adding custom attributes to a custom attribute set.

In our example, the example Standards Selector custom view was added to a custom attribute set and is now available in the Metadata expandable section when creating a catalogue item. The Author creating the catalogue item can select the button to undertake the tasks set up in the custom page:

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