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To add a selection custom attribute:

  1. Select Selection from the Type drop-down field.
  2. Enter the required elements (items to be shown in the selection list) in the Elements field by entering an element and then pressing Enter on your keyboard to go to a new line and enter the next element.
  3. Select the Linked Objects expandable section and then complete the following for each place the custom attribute needs to display:


    1. Select the system object from the Object drop-down field. This is where the selection list will display for end users.
    2. Enter text into the Caption field. This text will be the label for the selection list.
    3. Enter text into the Hint Text field (optional). This will provide the end user with a hint when they hover over the Hint question mark icon next to the custom attribute.
    4. Select the Mandatory checkbox to set the selection list as an item that must be completed (optional).
    5. Select the Inactive checkbox next to a linked system object (optional). This will set the link as inactive and the selection list will not be shown to end users in this location.


    6. To remove a link between a system object and the custom attribute, select the Remove icon next to it.


  4. Select Save Custom Attribute.


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