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E-commerce integration

E-commerce integration can be used to allow candidates to self-enrol in a long-running event.

  • A product catalogue is setup in WooCommerce, where each product is associated with an Organisation Unit and test event.
  • Endpoints allow the sales of new tests by enrolling a candidate to one or more test events.
  • Candidates can purchase a seat for an event at a location, which automatically creates a Janison Insights enrolment at a given test centre.
  • Removal of an enrolment is possible for cancellations.

The following table provides details of the e-commerce integration endpoint, methods and parameters. These can be used for integration customisation.

Function Endpoint Details
Enrol User /api/enrolments/enroluser
  • Method: GET
  • Parameters:
    catalogueitemid=" . $catalogueItemId . "&username=" . $billing_username . "&firstname=" . $billing_first_name . "&lastname=" . $billing_last_name . "&email=" . $billing_email . "&checkExistingEnrolments=true / false
Remove Enrolment /api/enrolments/removeenrol
  • Method: GET
  • Parameters:
    ?enrolid=" . $enrol_id;
Create or Update User /api/user/createorupdateuser
  • Method: POST
  • Body:

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