Janison Remote for Instructors

Your instructor dashboard displays when you log in to the Proctortrack website. The dashboard is used to navigate to the main sections and tasks in Proctortrack. This includes the important task of reviewing scans candidate have completed for identity verification and reviewing proctoring videos. For more on this process, refer to the Reviewing candidate scans and videos page.

Proctortrack instructor dashboard features

AAccount drop-downSelect the Account drop-down to change your password or log out.
BDashboard breadcrumbOn all other Proctortrack pages, select the Dashboard breadbcrumb link to return to the instructor dashboard.
CActive test nameThe name of the active test is shown at the top of the dashboard. Any editing or reviewing tasks will be performed on the active test. Refer to the Changing the active test page for more information.
DCHANGE TEST buttonIf you are the instructor for more than one test, selecting the CHANGE TEST button will take you to the page where you can switch between tests. This then allows you to perform edit or review tasks on the selected test.

Note that changing the test will change the context for the EDIT and REVIEW drop-down menus on the dashboard, as these menus relate to the active test. However, the Test Progress Overview and View Reports sections won’t change as they provide an overview of all your tests.

Refer to the Changing the active test page for more information.

EEDIT drop-downAllows you to select an edit task, such as:
  • Creating a new test
  • Editing the active test, including the test’s guidelines
  • Adding or viewing instructors

Generally Janison will manage the tests and the candidates. You may need to add instructors and/or adjust the guidelines that control what is allowed and not allowed for a test.

FREVIEW drop-downAllows you to select a report to view. Refer to the Reports page for more information.
GNOTIFICATIONS drop-downAllows you to open your notifications feed.
HALL TEST TAKERS SUMMARYA summary of all test takers who have taken and not taken their test.
IALL COMPLETED TESTS SUMMARYA summary of the number of tests that have been completed. This tile also shows you the number of tests that require your attention, such as if a candidate onboarding or verification scans have failed.
JTest list tabsSelect the required tab to view a list of current, past and archived tests.
KTest nameSelect a test name in the list to go the test’s page, where you can:
  • View a summary of the candidates who have registered, started and completed the test
  • Review scans completed by candidates as part of onboarding or for verification at the start of a main event test

Refer to the Reviewing candidate scans and videos page for more information.

LView details buttonSelect the View details button next to a test to view a summary of the test’s students and completions.
MProctortrack live chat buttonThis button allows you to open a live chat session with Proctortrack support. Refer to the Contacting support page for more details.
Instructor dashboard in Proctortrack.

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