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Reconcile offline tests in Janison Insights

When candidates submit their test attempt in the Janison Replay Test Player the test is sent to the online Janison Insights system for marking.


If a candidate’s device goes offline and then comes back online before they submit, the test attempt will be sent to the system.

However, if a candidate ‘s device loses network connectivity before they submit and is still offline when the candidate submits their test, their attempt will be saved to their local device and you will need to give them instructions on how to upload their attempt to the system. This process is called reconciling the device.

Follow the steps below to check for any unsaved test attempts and reconcile the device for these.

Step 1 – Check the dashboard for attempts that require reconciling

After a remote test event has concluded, check the Test Sessions Administration Dashboard in Janison Insights for any unsaved test attempts that need to be reconciled.

  1. Open the Test Sessions Administration Dashboard.
  2. Check the Connection Mode column for any attempts listed as Offline. If the Save Method field for the attemp is also blank, you will need to contact the student and provide them with the steps to reconcile their device. Follow the instructions in the next step.


    The Connection Mode column can be sorted by selecting the heading. This will bring all the offline test takers to the top of the list, making it easier for you to find them.

    The Test Session Administration Dashboard screen. For a test attempt, the Connection Mode 'Offline' and blank Save Method are highlighted.

Step 2 – Reconcile the device and upload the test attempt

Use the following steps to guide a candidate through reconciling their device to upload their test attempt.


Before you start, ensure you have the PIN the candidate will need to unlock the Janison Replay Test Player. Janison supplies PINs to instructors. If you need to contact Janison regarding PINs, refer to the Contacting support page for more information.

  1. If the candidate has closed the browser, they will need to reopen it and enter the URL to access Janison Replay. The URL is https://xxx.janisoninsights.com/testplayer2/testplayer/home where xxx is the institution-specific Janison Insights site.
  2. If the candidate’s device needs to be reconciled, a yellow icon displays on the home button. The candidate can only reconcile the device and upload the test attempt when their device is connected to the internet again. If their device is online, the dot on the cloud will be green.
    The top menu bar in the Janison Replay Test Player. The Home button has a yellow icon and the Cloud button has a green dot.

    If the candidate’s device is online, instruct them to reconcile the device using the following steps.

    1. Select the lock button at the top of the Janison Replay Test Player.
      The top menu bar in the Janison Replay Test Player. The lock button is highlighted.
    2. On the Unlock Device popup, enter the PIN (supply the candidate with the PIN provided by Janison) and then select Unlock Device.
      The top menu bar in the Janison Replay Test Player. The lock button is highlighted.
    3. On the Administration screen, the number of attempts awaiting upload is shown on the Reconcile tile. Select Reconcile.
      The Janison Replay Administration screen. The number of attempts waiting for upload and the Reconcile button are highlighted.
    4. The Reconcile screen displays.
      The Janison Replay Reconcile screen.
    5. Optional step – to get an estimate of how long it will take to reconcile the device, select Test Bandwidth.
      Test Bandwidth button.
      Test Bandwidth results.
    6. Select the checkbox nect to the test attempt to be reconciled.
      Test attempt selected.
    7. Optional step – to remove the test attempt(s) from the device and free up space once the upload is complete, select the Remove candidate’s answers from the device once the reconciliation process is complete checkbox.
      Checkbox selected.
    8. Select Reconcile. The upload process then starts.
      Reconcile screen with Reconcile button highlighted.
    9. When complete, confirmation of the reconciliation displays.
      Reconcile screen with Reconciliation confirmation highlighted.
    10. Select the lock icon to lock the device again.
      The top menu bar in the Janison Replay Test Player. The lock button is highlighted.

Step 3 – Check if the test attempt has uploaded successfully

When a candidate has successfully reconciled their device, the Test Sessions Administration Dashboard will show:

  • Submitted for the Status
  • Manual for the Save Method
The Test Session Administration Dashboard screen. For the test attempt reconciled in the previous step, the Save Method now showing as Manual is highlighted.

Step 4 – After all devices have been reconciled

Once all devices have been reconciled, the provided PIN or PINs should be reset to maintain security over unlocking Janison Replay.

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