Janison Remote for Instructors

Contact support

To allow issues with Janison Remote to be resolved as quickly as possible, it’s important they are raised with the correct support team.

For proctoring issues – contact Proctortrack

Issues related to the proctoring side of the test event should be raised with Proctortrack support. For example, issues with:

  • The Proctortrack website, software or app
  • Face, identification or room scans

Test Takers

Encourage the candidate to contact Proctortrack directly. The methods for contacting Proctortrack are included on the Getting help student information page.


You can use the Proctortrack support page to open a ticket or contact the Proctortrack support team by live-chat, phone, or email.

For test issues – contact Janison

You can recognise an issue is related to the test if the Janison Replay Test Player is displayed on the candidate’s screen. The test player has a Replay logo at the top:

Janison Replay Test Player top bar, with Replay logo highlighted.

If a candidate is experiencing an issues with their test:

You can call Janison support on:

  • 1300 857 687 from within Australia
  • +61 2 6652 9853 from outside of Australia

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