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Chief marker tasks

Chief markers set up the marking project, but they also have duties relating to the markers in their team:

  • Release marker results.
  • Promote scripts to seed scripts.
  • Deal with escalated scripts.
  • Monitor seed scripts.
  • Manage suspended markers.

You can access the tasks you need to undertake from two locations, the marking dashboard and the marking project.

You can access both of these screens from the landing page when you log in.

Select the Marking Project link or Marking Dashboard button.

Release marker results

There are two paths to releasing results, via the marking screen and via the marking project. Let’s take a look at each method.

Release results from marking screen

Open your marking dashboard. In the My scores section, select Review scores for the script you would like to release.

The marking screen displays with the Enrolment in a Pending Release status.

Select Change > Release results.

Select Yes to the confirmation modal.

The Enrolment status transitions to Finalised. An option displays for you to promote the script to a seed script.

Release results from marking project

Open the marking project and expand the Enrolments section.

Select the Pending Release tab and select the arrow  icon.

The status updates to Finalised.

Promote script to seed script

You can only promote scripts that have an enrolment status of Finalised as covered above.

Follow the steps above until the Promote button displays.

Select Promote.

Select Ok to confirm.

An option displays for you to Remove the script as a seed script.

Review escalated scripts

When a marker escalates a script, it goes into a status of ‘In Review’. A chief marker is responsible for resolving the escalation. They can either send the script back to the marker or resolve it themselves.

Chief markers access escalated scripts from the marking screen.

There are two paths to access the marking screen, via the marking dashboard and via the marking project.

Open the marking screen via the marking dashboard

Open the marking dashboard and navigate to the My scores section.

Select the Escalated tab and then select the Review scores button for the relevant attempt.

Open the marking screen via the marking project

Open the marking project and expand the Enrolments section.

Select the In Review tab and then the three dots

The marking screen displays.

You now have a number of options:

  1. No, add my score – this gives you the option to add your own score and resolve the escalation.
  2. Remove the marker – removes the marker from the script.
  3. Resolve the escalation or De-escalate back to the marker to resolve the escalation.

You will then need to change the enrolment status to the required status, for example to release it as covered above.

Monitor seed scripts

Chief markers can view suspended markers from the marking dashboard in the My marking team section.

Select the Suspended tab and then the three dots in the Actions column.

The marker’s profile displays.

Return marker to marking

To return the marker to a marking status, select Change > Return to Marking.

View details of marked scripts

To view details about the scripts they marked and the seed scripts they passed and failed, expand the Marking Progress expandable and then open the item of interest.

The scripts they marked display with a white background

The seed scripts they have passed display a green background

The seed scripts they have failed display a red background

These ticks are all links to the corresponding script. In the below example we have selected a failed script. A modal displays the details.

The summary at the bottom displays the marker scores and how far out of tolerance they were.

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