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Marking team expandable

In the marking team expandable, you can add the markers.

Select the pencil icon to enter edit mode.

You have two methods to add markers, via the Marking Team dropdown or via the Users dropdown. Let’s look at each of these options.

Add marking teams

Using this method, you have the option to quickly add multiple markers.

Note that someone will need to create a marking team group and to add the markers to that group prior to this so that the group displays in the drop-down. You can read more about this in our document on Groups.

  1. Select the marking team form the dropdown. In this example there are 3 markers in this team.
  2. Select Preview.

A modal displays where you can select the markers you want added to the project.

Select the required markers and then select Add to project.

You will not have the option to select markers already existing in the project, a lock displays instead of a checkbox.

The markers now display in the list, and you’ll need to assign them the Marking role/Seniority.

Select Marker – 5 from the Marking role/Seniority dropdown.

Add individual markers

You also have the option of adding a single marker.

Select the marker from the User dropdown and select the Marking role/Seniority and then Add.

Select Save and the markers are now members of the marking project.

Allocate items to markers

When you create a marking project, you have an option to  Allocate all items to mark to all markers by default. This makes the scripts for these items available for the marker to mark.

If this option was unchecked, or if you wish to make changes, you can do this from the Marking Team section.

Select the work allocation icon .

  1. Select an item
  2. Select Add
  3. Select Save.

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