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Project Settings expandable

The Project Settings  section of the marking project provides the opportunity to set various miscellaneous settings and activities including:

  • Marking sessions schedule
  • Grace periods
  • Marking and annotation settings

Marking sessions schedule

By default, markers can mark at any time. You can schedule marking if required.

Select the pencil icon.

  1. Select Set time periods during which markers are allowed to mark.
  2. Select a Start and End time.
  3. Select the Days of the Week.
  4. Select Add.
    Repeat steps 2 to 4 if you require more than one schedule.
  5. Select Save.

Grace periods

Grace periods allow markers to modify the score after saving. This gives the marker a chance to make changes before completing the marking for that script.

Select the pencil icon.

  1. Select Use grace periods, and lock scores only after a grace period has expired.
  2. Enter the number of minutes the marker has to change their score.
  3. Select Save.

Marking & Annotation Settings

We have covered these topics here.  

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