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Quality Controls expandable

Enrolment base marking has optional marking features designed to monitor marking quality to ensure accurate and reliable marking.

Seed scripts

Seed scripts become available when the test-takers’ responses are pre-marked by chief markers before live marking commences. These marked responses are dropped into a markers’ queue as a check to see if they are applying the marking standard correctly.

Important: The mark awarded by the chief marker to the seed script is that which will contribute to the final mark of a test-taker. Marks awarded by the marker do not contribute to the test-taker’s final mark, as it is just a mechanism to monitor marking quality.

Any marked response can be set as a seed script during marking.

Quality controls are optional. If you wish to use seed scripts, follow the steps below.

Select the pencil icon on the Seed Script expandable.

  1. Select Use Seed Scripts.
  2. Optionally select Enable Calibration. If checked, markers will receive the first script of the day as a seed script.
  3. Optionally select Provide second seed script on failure of the calibration script. If checked, markers will receive a second seed script if they have failed to score the calibration script within tolerance.
  4. Enter a Repeat Rate. This will determine the intervals markers will receive a script. For example, 10 means that for every 10 scripts, the marker will receive a seed script.

Tolerance settings

Tolerance refers to the acceptable deviation or variation between the marker’s score and the seed script score. Tolerance is set on per item, if there are marking scheme components, they can be set on each component.

In the example below, the absolute tolerance is +2 or -2. This means that if a marker scores a script and the varies more than 2 points, they will be out of tolerance and will fail quality monitoring for that script. The same principle applies to each component but the tolerance is + or – 1.

Enter the tolerance values for each item in the marking project as required.

Notification settings

You can set a number of out of tolerance scripts before the system suspends the marker. In the below example, if the marker is out of tolerance twice, the system will suspend them. The marker will receive email notification of the suspension.


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