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Create an enrolment based marking project

A tenant administrator usually undertakes the task of creating the marking project.

Navigate to Marking > Marking projects.

Select Add Marking Project (enrolment based).

Important: If the button to create and enrolment based marking project is missing, view our document on Settings below.

Select one or more assessment events and complete the form as required.

Note the option to Allocate all items to mark to all markers by default. If you wish to assign specific items to specific markers, leave this option unchecked.

Below is an example of a completed form.

The marking project displays. We’ll cover the sections in detail as we go through setting it up.

Add chief markers

You will now need to add one or more chief markers to the project. This will give them access to the marking project when they log into the system.

Select the pencil icon in the Marking Team expandable.

  1. Select your chief marker from the User dropdown.
  2. Select Chief Marker – 0 from the Marking role/Seniority dropdown.
  3. Select Add.
    Repeat these steps to add other chief markers if required.
  4. Select Save.

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