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What is an organisation?

An Organisation is the top-level structure for organising people in Janison Insights, for example into countries or regions they live in. Under this can sit a number of Organisation Units (departments) and Users.

When a new User is created, they will need to be added to an Organisation.

It’s then possible to assign permissions to roles such as Markers or Test Managers, so they can only view or manage people in their own Organisation.

Only people with an Administrator role can view or add an Organisation.

Create an Organisation

There are two ways Organisations can be created in Janison Insights:

  • Manually adding them
  • Importing them via a file

To create an Organisation, select the People icon in the Menu, then select Organisations.

Manually add an organisation

  1. Select the Add Organisation button.
  2. Complete the New Organisation information:
    1. Enter a title for the new Organisation in the Title field.
    2. As you type the title, the Identifier field will automatically populate. You can leave this as is, or edit to an identifier of your choosing.


      Organisations have a mandatory and unique ‘human-readable’ identifier. Ideally this shouldn’t be changed once created, as it is relied upon during the spreadsheet import to match existing organisations.

  3. Select the Save Organisation button to save.

Import organisations

Multiple Organisations can be created quickly using the import feature

  1. Select the Import Organisations button.
  2. Complete the following:
    1. Select the Template link to open the sample Excel template.
    2. Open the downloaded Excel template, enter all required data and then save the template to your local machine.

      There is a provision for the addition of values for custom fields, these must exist in the system prior to the import. Delete these columns if you don’t have any custom attributes. You can read more about creating these fields in the Custom attributes section.

    3. Select the Select File button to locate and select the saved file on your local machine.
    4. The uploaded file will display. Select the Upload button to complete the import process.
  3. If you are updating Organisations previously imported, select the Update Organisation details based on spreadsheet checkbox.
  4. Select the Save Organisations button to save. Feedback will be displayed and the new Organisations will appear in the list of Organisations.

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