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Add audio to an item

The audio feature on test items gives you the option to add audio files to the item header, item stem and the distractors. An option also exists to create voice files from text.

There are two paths to adding audio to an item; embedding into the item stem and distractors, or adding via the Audio section of the item. Let’s look at these two options in detail. Firstly, let’s see how to embed them into the stem and distractors.

Note that the colour-scheme of your test player will differ depending on the test player theme and CSS overrides you have set for your test.

Add audio files to the stem and distractors

If you add the audio to the stem and distractors using the Insert/edit resources icon , the player will display as in the image below.

You can read more about creating a test item here. This is how the audio files would look in the item edit mode.

Add the audio file using the add/edit resources icon .

Now let’s look at adding the files in the Audio section of the item.

Add audio files to the audio section of the item

If you add the audio to the stem and distractors via the options in the audio section, the player will display as in the image below. Note that a single player displays at the top of the screen. This player controls all audio files.

Once you’ve created an item, a section becomes available where you can add audio to it.

Select the pencil icon to open edit mode.


Auto play audio sequence– if active, this setting will override the autoplay settings of the audio files and will play in the sequence they are added in Attach a Sequence of Audio files to the question. It will play the files when a test-taker opens the item.

Restrict number of times audio can be played to – Test-takers will only be able to listen to the audio the number of times specified. If this is enabled, test-takers will not be able to pause / resume or change the position of the audio. They will be able to restart the audio if they have a play left.

Hide audio controls from test-takers – Hides the audio controls except for volume and a play button from the test-taker. If auto play is turned on and the test-taker is restricted to a single play, then the play button will be hidden as well. If the play button is shown, the test-taker will not be able to pause.

You have the option to attach a single file, or to add multiple files. For either of these options, the audio will display at the top of the test player.

Attach a single audio file

Select Attach one audio file to the item and then Select Resource.

The file explorer displays.

  1. Select Upload resources.
  2. Once your file has uploaded select it.
  3. Optionally, set the options to the right. Note that an option exists to set the audio file to autoplay.
  4. Select Insert resource.

The file displays with options to play or to remove the file.

Select Save.

Now let’s look at adding multiples files to an item.

Attach a sequence of audio files

Select Attach a Sequence of Audio files to the question.

As with attaching the single audio file covered above, select a resource for each component.

Note that we’ve covered Generate Spoken Audio in the next topic.

Once you’ve uploaded all files, select Save.

Preview your item to check that the audio is working as required.

Text to speech

The text to speech feature provides you with option to convert your text to spoken audio.

Note that the text to speech feature needs to be activated, please contact your Janison account manager to discuss.

Select Generate Spoken Audio.

The Text to Speech – Audio Generation screen displays.

  1. Select Language and Voice. You can change the voice and regenerate until you find your preferred voice.
  2. Your text will display but you can make edits if required.
  3. A file name is populated but you can edit this if required.
  4. Select Generate Audio.

The audio file displays.

You can preview the audio and Regenerate Audio if required.

Select Save.

The new file displays in the list and you can now generate the spoken audio for the other components.


There are settings in various locations of the system that impact audio in items.

Note that only users with administrator permissions can access these settings.

Resource Designer Settings

By default, common formats of audio are available. Administrators can enable addition file extensions in the resource designer settings.

Navigate to Settings > Resource Designer Settings > Available Resource Types.

Add the required file type to the Document.

Test delivery settings

When enabled, the audio progress bar on testplayer will not be displayed. The repeat button style will display instead.

Navigate to Settings > Test Delivery Settings.

This is an example of the audio progress bar setting disabled.

This is an example of the audio progress bar setting enabled.

Text to speech settings

Please contact your Janison account manager for information relating to this feature.

Navigate to Settings > Text To Speech Settings.

You can enable the feature in the Text To Speech API Settings section.

You can add languages and voices in the Text To Speech Voice Settings section.

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