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Test Player Themes

Test player themes offer the capability to incorporate a logo, customise colours, and for administrators with CSS proficiency, to integrate overriding CSS into Replay. Test authors add themes at the test level, so that the player can be customised per test.

Create a theme

To create a theme, follow the steps in the slides below.

Override CSS

Admins with CSS skills can style Replay in this section. Be aware of the warning that the CSS may cause the test player to behave oddly, test your CSS before releasing the theme to production.


Select your logo and Save.

By default, the logo is only displayed on the information page of the test player. Selecting the Show Everywhere checkbox will display the logo on all pages of the test player.


Select the required colours for each component of the test player and Save.

Themes for disability support

Administrators can use themes to support test-takers with disabilities such as visual impairments. In this example we have used black text against lilac background.

You can read more about this topic in our document on personal needs and preferences.

Add a theme to a test

When you create a new test or view a test, a Test Styling dropdown is available where you can select the theme.

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