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Candidate dashboard

Test-takers can conveniently access their tests and test results through the candidate dashboard.

When a test-taker logs into the system, they will see three sections listing their tests; Ready to start, Upcoming tests, and Past tests. If there is a Practice test available, this section displays too. System administrators can configure the dashboard to hide Upcoming, Past and Practice test sections.

Please note: Tests accessed from the candidate dashboard open in the Replay browser and are therefore not locked down as when they are opened in the Replay app.

As test-takers work through their tests, the sections and tiles update to reflect their progress.

Explore the slideshow to view various iterations of the dashboard reflecting the test-takers’ progress at different stages.

Let’s take a closer look at the tiles in each section.

Ready to start

This section lists tests that are available for the test-taker to start, and tests they have started but not submitted.

The name of the test displays at the top of the tile, with timing information below the name. The timing information reflects the Timing Options set by the administrator in the assessment event. If the test has a duration set , this value displays below the timing options. In these examples the time limit is set to 30 mins.

If a test-taker has not started a test, the Start button displays. Once they have started the test, the button adjusts to Resume. When they have completed their test, the tile moves to the Past Tests section.

Upcoming tests

This section displays tests that are upcoming. Test-takers cannot start these tests until the open date. On the open date, the tile moves to the Ready to start section.

Past tests

This section lists tests that the test-taker has submitted. The tiles list the test name and the submitted date details.

If the test has not been marked, the tile will display as Completed.

Tiles with a test that has been marked will display one of the following results:

   0 – 24% red

   25 – 49% amber

   50 – 74% green

   51 – 100% blue

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View results

The View Results button on the tile takes the test-taker to a summary page with three sections.

The Summary section displays the test submission time along with the percentage and score.

The Question Results section offers a visual summary of the items, indicating the ones that were answered correctly or incorrectly by the test-taker. By clicking on the items, test-takers can access their own responses.

The Detailed Results section offers additional information about the items including the item type and max score. Test-takers can also click the item links to view their responses.

View response in detail

When a test-taker selects one of the items, it takes them to the test player where they can view their response. The information they can see depends on how the item author configured the feedback in the item. In the examples below, the author included correct and incorrect responses.

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Dashboard options

If you’re a system administrator, you can display or hide sections, and set what you want test-takers to see on the results tiles.

Browse to Settings > Delivery Settings and open the Candidate Dashboard Settings section. Make the changes as required.

If you don’t have admin access, contact your account manager at Janison for assistance.

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