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Incident reporting

Navigate to the relevant test session administration screen.

Select the Report incident button.

The Create incident report screen displays.

The Impact dropdown provides options to select the subjects of the report. The options are Org Unit, Student, and Test Session.

If you select Student, an option to select multiple test-takers becomes available. This selector is not available when Org Unit or Test Session is selected.

The system will populate the Date and the Time incident started, but you can edit these fields if required.

Enter the Duration of the incident and then select the Type of incident.

You now have an option to enter the Details of the incident. You can enter in the details or use Quick snippets.

Quick snippets are templates containing text prompts relevant to the incident type. These templates are a great guide for invigilators to efficiently create reports and ensure they are providing the necessary details. The available Quick snippet types include; Illness, Late arrival, Technical, Test content, and Environment.

To use a snippet, select the relevant link in the Quick snippets list. In the below example, we’ve selected the Feeling unwell snippet.

Note: Administrators can create a new quick snippet or edit an existing one. Please contact your Janison account manager for more information.

View timeline

Selecting the View timeline link will take you to the incident reports index screen.

The incident reports index screen provides a detailed overview of all available incident reports. The fields displayed in the table headers reflect the fields displayed in the ‘create incident report’ screen. We have highlighted some of the important elements of the incident reports index screen below.

A. Export the report to Excel.

B. Select the dropdown to filter by the Type of incident.

C. Search for Student/s or Details fields.

D. The Student/s column will reflect the ‘Impact’ selection on the ‘Create incident report’ screen. If ‘Student’ was selected, the column will display the test-taker/s names. If ‘Test Session’ was selected, the column will display ‘All session students’. If ‘Org Unit’ was selected, the column will display ‘All centre students’.

E. In the Actions column, select View to open the ‘Incident report details’ screen for that particular incident. On this screen you will have the option to edit or delete the report.


To activate the incident reporting feature, navigate to Settings > Assessment Event Settings and expand Event Settings.

Check the box Enable Incident reporting functionality for session invigilation.

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