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Introduction to surveys

Survey test sections are generally used as part of a test to help gather information and feedback from candidates.


To learn more about survey questions and how to create them, see the survey section.

Create a survey

Survey test sections are created and managed in the same way as other test sections. This can be done from two places:

  1. By selecting Author in the Menu, then selecting Test Sections
  2. By selecting the + icon next to the Sections expandable section from within the appropriate test


To learn more about creating test sections, see the Create a test section information.

Add questions to a survey

Questions in a survey test section are added and edited by opening the relevant survey test section and selecting the Edit icon next to the Questions expandable section.

You can then do any of the following:

Randomisation and optional question settings

You can choose your settings for randomisation of the survey questions and whether optional questions are used or not.

View and edit current questions

You can view and edit the current questions within the survey test section by using the icons in the Actions column as follows:

  • Preview – To preview the stimuli
  • Edit – To edit the question
  • Copy – To copy/duplicate a question
  • Delete – To remove the stimuli from the reference material
  • Reorder – To change the order of the stimuli

You can also make a question mandatory by selecting the Mandatory checkbox.

Add questions

The Add Questions expandable section can be used to create new questions or add existing questions not yet linked to the test section.

Create new questions


To learn how to create new questions, see the Creating a question section.

Add existing questions

To add an existing question, select the + icon next to the available questions, then click Save to save your changes.

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