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Test sections

Test sections are used to categorise and group questions into organised sections within a test. A test is comprised of one or more test sections. When creating test sections, you have the option to add reference material or set stationery tools to display in the test.
Important Any reference material added or stationery tools selected will display for all questions in the test section. If you require different tools and materials for different questions, you can manage this by creating new test sections as required. To learn more about reference material, see the Reference material section. To learn more about stationery tools, see the Stationery tools section.

Test section types

There are several types of sections available in the system, the purpose of each type is detailed below.


An introduction/instruction section appears at the start of a test to provide candidates with instructions and/or practice questions. These section types are not timed or assessed.

Instruction example

Practice question example

Tip You can add more than one instruction/introduction section to a test.


A question section is usually the main section of a test which contains the questions. A test can contain more than one question section to allow for question categorisation.
Tip To learn more about questions, see the Questions section.


A survey section contains survey type questions. This would normally be used at the beginning or end of a test to gather information and feedback from candidates.
Tip To learn more about surveys, see the Surveys section.


An exit section displays at the end of a test once the candidate has submitted their answers. There are three types of exit sections available:
Type Description
Exit This would be used to display free text to the candidates, for example, information or acknowledgements.
Exit if failed This would be used to display free text to candidates who have failed the test. This section is only relevant to system marked tests.
Exit if passed This section is used to display free text to candidates who have passed the test. This section is only relevant to system marked tests.

Create a test section

There are two ways to create and manage test sections. Either method you use will take you to the same New Test Section screen.

From test sections

Test sections can be created and managed by selecting Author in the Menu, then selecting Test Sections.
Important This method will create the new test section, but it won’t be linked to a test. To do this, you will need to go into the test and add the section. To refresh how to do this, see the Sections information within Additional test settings and options.

From within a test

Alternatively, you can create new test sections from within a test, by selecting the + icon next to the Sections expandable section.
This method will allow the system to link the new test section to the test automatically.

To create a new test section, go to the New Test Section screen, then complete the following:

  1. Select a Discipline and a Module.
    Tip If creating the test section from within a test, both the Discipline and Module will be automatically selected and can’t be changed.
  2. Enter a name for the new test section in the Name field.
  3. The Identifier field will automatically populate with a suggested identifier. You can leave this as is, or edit to one of your choosing.
  4. Select a test section type from the Type drop-down.
    Important Once you have created a test section, you can’t change the test section type. If you need to change the type, you will need to delete the test section and recreate it. See the Test section types section for more information on each type.
  5. Select a Navigation Type as follows:
    Navigation type Description
    Linear Candidates must answer the questions in order and cannot skip ahead without answering the current question.
    Nonlinear Candidates can skip a question to answer the next question. They can go back and change their answers.
  6. Add a description (optional) in the Description field.
  7. If you have selected an Introduction test section type, you will have a checkbox option Cannot Skip. Check this option if you would like candidates to be required to complete this section.
  8. Select the Save Test Section button to save.
When you save the test section, it displays with the details and several expandable sections for additional settings and options.
Tip See the Questions, Reference material and Stationery tools sections to learn more about each of these items.

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