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Learning Courses


A Course refers to learning assets created using the Janison Course Designer and is displayed on screen using the Course Player.

Courses are containers for learning modules and content (text, images, video, etc) and they are created within the CLS.

The diagram below shows these relationships.

To manage Courses navigate to Design > Courses.

Add a Learning Course

There are two ways to access the course designer. These are via:

  • Design > Courses this is the preferred way to access the course designer.
  • Manage Learning > Manage Learning Assets > Add Learning Asset > New Course
    Important Note: If you follow this link it is a shortcut to the Design > Courses menu item.


Regardless of how you access the designer the steps below are the same:

    1. Go to Design > Courses
    2. Click Add Courses
    3. Complete the course form as required

      • Select a Discipline from the drop-down list.
      • Enter the Name of the course
      • Identifier is auto populated by the name
      • Enter any applicable Keywords
      • Information about the Course can be added but is not mandatory.

      Thumbnail Section

    4. For thumbnails, select:

      • Large thumbnail (292px x 70px)
      • Small thumbnail (47px x 22px)
      • Logo
        Note that image sizes for the social learning platform are different to the ones listed above.

      Modules Section

    5. Note the modules section only lists attached modules.

Available Modules Section

    1. Click Add Module from list or search for module
      Note repeat to add more than one module

Competencies Section

  1. Add competencies if required
  2. Click Save Course.

Inspect Details

To inspect a Course configuration options, navigate to Design > Courses and click the Course name. This takes you to its details screen.

Inspecting Course Details Screen

  • The Name of the course and the Discipline (a clickable link) are listed at the top left hand side.
  • The Edit Course button on the top right of screen
  • The Widget bar is underneath this.

    • Tasks – an administrative item for including tasks
    • Notes – an administrative item for including notes
    • Attachments – an administrative item for including attachments
    • Tags – Courses can be tagged as a way of categorising and locating them, see linking Tags for instructions on how to do this.
  • Course Name and Identifier
  • The Modules section lists modules already linked to the course
  • The Competency section lists competencies linked to the course
  • Recent Activities lists all recent editing activities
  • Associated Catalogue Items lists all catalogue items the course is linked to.

Editing a course details

  1. Go to Design > Courses
  2. Search for and Select the required course
  3. Click Edit Course
  4. Change details as required
  5. Click Save Course

Important note: Caution should be used if adding or removing modules to a course with progress records or enrolments.

You can also delete the course from the system while in edit mode.

Edit or Delete

Important note when there are enrolments or progress records it is not advisable to delete a course.

Once a Course has been saved, the Edit Course button is available from the Course’s details screen.

To edit a Course navigate to Design > Courses and select Edit Course.

You will be taken to the Course’s edit screen where you can change details as required. The fields available are the same as the ones available when you created this Course.

There is one addition, the Active check box underneath Information:

You can uncheck this box if you want to make the Course inactive. It will remain in the system but will not be available for linking to Catalogue Items.

Note that if you make it inactive when it is already linked to one or more Catalogue Items available in the Catalogue, it will still be available to Users who enrol in these Catalogue Items.

Click Save Course after editing it.

To delete the Course, click the Delete Course button at the top right hand corner of the edit screen.


The search feature allows you to quickly find a Course. Select Design > Courses.

  1. Click Search for Courses and a search field will appear.
  2. Enter search field.
  3. Click Search.
  4. The search results will appear in the Display Name column.
  5. To perform another search click Reset Search.

Learner Experience

Just to recap a course is a learning asset created using the Janison Course Development tool. Like all learning assets its is accessed via a catalogue item.
Once the user is enrolled in the catalogue item containing the course learning asset they can launch it to access the content.
There are two distinct behaviours with launching content:

  • course containing a single learning module will open directly into the content of the module.
  • course containing more than one learning module will open with a list of module tiles that a learner can access.

There are another couple of items that influence the presentation of the course and modules:

  • the template used in the catalogue item.
  • the smart dashboard or social learning plugin
  • CSS in settings

Below are samples of the various user interfaces when launching a course.

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