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Learning Module Tests


Learning Modules are specialised for learning and are oriented towards enhancing and monitoring the learning experience. Their tests have a limited number of Question types available and are designed to assist with learning as opposed to testing. This can be achieved in a number of ways, for example:

  • If a learner gets a question incorrect, the system will allow the learner to retry until they select the correct response.
  • If a learner gets a question incorrect, the system can provide feedback to the learner with the correct response or a clue to the correct response.

NOTE: If you are not certain at this point if a Learning Module Test is the most appropriate test for your purpose please read our overview document on Tests.

Questions are integrated in the Panels of Pages. For more information on this please visit our document on Learning Module Questions (Panels).

The questions are presented to the Users in the Course Player as shown below. The Course Player contains learning material as well as one or more tests.

The settings for a Test in a Learning Module depend on the kind of Panel it will be linked to. More information on Panels can be found in the Learning Module Questions (Panels) document.

To create a Test navigate to Design > Tests and Surveys and select Add Test from the Actions drop-down menu.

  1. Select the Discipline you want the Test to belong to.
  2. Select a Learning Module you want the Test to belong to.
  3. Enter the Name and unique Identifier.
  4. Set the Marking Mode that is appropriate for the Panel template.
  5. Use Multiple Sections is not applicable in a Learning Module and should be left unchecked.
  6. Set pass/fail outcome will enable a Section to allow the setting of a pass mark. This mark is only used in certain panel templates.
  7. The Description field is optional to provide information about the test.
  8. Click Save Test.

Once a Test is saved additional sections will become available.

Test Body

This section of the test can be edited by browsing to Actions > Edit test.

  1. The standards CLS widgets for adding and editing Tasks, Notes, Attachments, Tags and Administrators.
  2. A listing of linked Questions and Points. These are also links, for example to the Questions themselves and the opportunity to create new Questions in this Test.

Pass/Fail and Resit Settings:

  • Pass-mark, % is only applicable for certain Test Panels
  • Feedback is not applicable in a Learning Module.


Two icons are available to manage and add questions.

The pencil  icon opens editing options:

  1. Weight – the value of the question.
  2. Mandatory – this setting is not applicable. The questions by default are mandatory.
  3. Actions –  gives you options to make the following changes to the question:
  •  preview.
  • edit.
  •  remove (this will not delete the question).
  •  change the order by dragging it to another position.
  1. Search for Questions

Response Analysis

This section is useful for analysing results and drawing conclusions from the data. For example, if a question is consistently being marked as not correct, there could be an issue with the particular question. Alternatively you could use a report to gather this data.

Copy a Test

A test can be copied, the copy will be made in the same module as the original test. The questions will not be copied.

A test can be copied from the Actions drop-down > Copy Test.

Export Test

A test can be exported to a zip file as a backup or as a method of moving it to a different site. Secure Export is not applicable for a Learning Module Test.

A test can be exported from the Actions dropdown > Export Test.

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