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Automatically marked questions

A test may contain questions that the system can mark automatically, eg. multiple choice, and questions that require manual marking, eg. extended text.

Marking projects are designed to manage the manual marking aspect, but they also contain functionality for Administrators to trigger and view the automatic marking of questions. For example, if a change is made to the question marking scheme, a question can be remarked.


You must score automatically marked questions prior to the marking project finalisation, as once this is finalised, auto-marking can no longer occur.

To access the auto marking functionality, open the relevant marking project, then select Automatically Marked Questions from the Actions drop-down button.

The Marking Project – Automatically Marked Questions screen displays. From here you can take several actions:

AAuto-Mark QuestionsThis button will auto-mark all questions.
BMarking projectThis link will take you back to the Marking Project screen.
CExclude QuestionThis icon will exclude the question from the marking project.
DRe-ScoreThis icon will auto mark a specific question. When selected a popup displays with information such as the date of a change to the marking scheme.
EResponse analysisThis section displays a response analysis for the question, showing how many candidates have selected each answer option.
FScore distributionThis section displays the score distribution for the question.
GScoring historyThis section displays an audit log of any remarking that has occurred.

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