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Mark candidate responses

The Marking screen is the place where Markers mark questions, this could be for standardisation, the main marking phase or sampling. It may also be used to monitor marking.

There are several ways to access the Marking screen:

  • From the My Marking Taskboard by selecting the Mark More!, Select! or Sample! buttons
  • From the Scoring Details or Responses screens by selecting the Review Scores button next to a question.
  • From the Marker Progress expandable section within the Marker Profile.

This screen displays the following items:

Print scoresA link to print scores.
QuestionThe stem of the question to assist with marking.
Marker ScoresThis section displays the scores, including those which failed standardisation and marking. Markers with higher permission will have access to invalidate scores and add their own marks.
Score of a specific MarkerThis section displays the scores of the specific Marker you have selected in the Marker Scores section.
Benchmark ScoresThis section displays the benchmark scores for a question. Markers can use the search functionality to view these.
Recent activitiesThis section displays any recent activities and changes.
Marking RubricThis section displays the marking instructions (if applicable).

Let’s look at some of these in more detail.

Print scores

The Print scores button allows you to print a summary of all scores assigned to the response. Once selected, a popup displays with the score breakdown. Select the Print button to print this summary.

Marker scores


This section will differ depending on the type of response selected and the role and permissions of the Marker viewing it.

From here you can view the scores Markers assigned to the response and whether they were in or out of tolerance. Markers with higher permission will have access to invalidate scores.

You can view a summary of the score by hovering over a cell.

Invalidate a score

  1. Select the Invalidate Score icon in the Actions column.
  2. Enter a reason why you are invalidating the score, then select the Ok button to confirm.

Scores by a specific Marker

This section displays the scores for a specific Marker according to what you have selected in the Marker Scores section.


The name of this section changes to reflect the specific Marker being reviewed.

To view the scores for a specific Marker:

  1. In the Marker Scores expandable section, select the View Score link next to the Marker’s scores you wish to see in more detail.
  2. View the Marker’s scores in the Score by [Marker name] expandable section.

Benchmark scores

Benchmark scores give you an understanding of what responses of a particular score look like. For example, what a response with a score of 2/10 or 7/10 look like. A score is similar when it is within 10% of the question’s available score (above or below) the selected score.


Benchmarking can be enabled or disabled in a marking project. If disabled, the Benchmark Scores section will not display.

To access benchmark scores:

  1. Scroll down and select the Benchmark Scores expandable section.
  2. Enter a score in the Find benchmark scripts with scores similar to field, then select the Search button.


    The name of this section changes to reflect the specific Marker being reviewed.

  3. You can select the Previous or Next buttons to view other scripts with similar scores (if applicable).

Marking rubric

This section displays any marking instructions or rubrics the Author created when designing the question.

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