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Double marking

Double marking (DM) is the practice of requiring a single candidate script to be scored by more than one Marker. Double marking is optional.

DM settings are expressed as a DM factor, and a tolerance for each question is set.

In this section of the Marking Project screen, you can view the current progress which is filterable by marking centres and marking teams. You can also configure double marking.

Configure double marking

  1. Select the Edit icon next to the Double Marking expandable section.
  2. Complete the following:

    1. Select the Use double marking option.
    2. Enter a Double marking factor of 2.
    3. Enter a number in the Number of conflict resolutions to occur before marker’s senior marker is notified field. This will indicate the number of conflict resolutions (not in favour of the Marker) before a notification is sent to the Senior Marker.
  3. Enter a number in the Tolerance field for each question. This specifies the double marking tolerance (the extent to which the double Markers can disagree on their scores). Any scored that exceed the tolerance will be flagged for review by the Senior Marker.
  4. Select the Save button to save your changes.

Transition marking project to marking

Once S3 has been completed, you will need to transition the marking project to marking. This will enable the Markers to commence their marking.

To do this:

  1. Select the Change button and select Marking.
  2. Select the Yes button.

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