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An accreditation is a formal recognition of competence in a specified subject or area of expertise. Accreditation is necessary to any person or institution that needs to prove that they meet a general standard of quality.

Please note that accreditations is a paid plugin, please contact your account manager for pricing.


Activate plugin

Accreditations is a paid plugin, please contact your account manager for pricing and activation.

Browse learning settings

This setting is required to make the accreditation dashboard available to learners.

Browse to Settings > Browse Learning.

  1. Select Accreditations.

Set up catalogue item template

An accreditation workflow catalogue item template will become available when the plugin is activated. You can use this template or create your own. You can find out more about this feature in our document on catalogue item templates.

  1. The setting that makes this template specific to accreditations is Asset TypeAccreditation. Creating a catalogue item using this template will automatically create an asset of accreditation type and link it to the catalogue item.
  2. If Enable Auto Enrolment is checked, learners will be have accreditations automatically approved without the requirement for user approval. The approval will be actioned automatically by a scheduled task.

Create Accreditation Catalogue Item

Browse to Manage Learning > Manage Catalogue.

  1. Select Add Catalogue Item.

A popup will be displayed.

  1. Select a Catalogue Template with the asset type of accreditation enabled.

Note that components are not added to the catalogue item. Catalogue items and groups are added to the prerequisite section of the accreditation catalogue item.


Requirements that need to be met to become eligible for accreditation are set in this section. Catalogue items and groups are available options to be selected as these prerequisites.

Prerequisite requirement type

This relates to learner progress status on the catalogue item such as complete/incomplete, expired etc.

  • Must have a completion at the time of enrolment
  • Completion must be current at time of enrolment
  • Must have an expired completion at time of enrolment
  • Completion must remain current

The first three types are self-explanatory. The third option, Completion must remain current, requires that the learner must have a completion in the catalogue item that has not expired. For example, a first aid certificate with a validity of two years. If this learning expires, the accreditation will lapse until the learning is refreshed to become current again.

In the example below, to be eligible for this accreditation, a learner must:

  • Have a current completion in one of the catalogue items in group 1. If this completion expires, the accreditation will lapse.
  • Have a completion in one of the catalogue items in group 2.
  • Have a completion in the catalogue item in group 3.
  • Belong to the Fire wardens group.

Create an Accreditation Expiry Period

Accreditations can be set to expire in the Additional Enrolment Settings section. You can find out more about this setting in our document on Additional Enrolment Settings.

Adjust expiry baseline date

If the expiry date is set to the third option of Completion of this item expires on the next occurrence of the selected day, an additional section will appear in the Catalogue Item.

Rules can be set in here which will change the start of the expiry date calculation.

  1. Select Add Rule.

A popup will be displayed.

  1. Select the time period for which the accreditation is awarded.
  2. Select the date or number of years in the future you would like the start of the expiry date calculation.
  3. Select Save.

The rule you have created will be clearly defined in the section once saved. This particular rule means that if an accreditation is awarded on or after the 1st of November in any year, start the expiry period from the 1st of December 1 year in the future.

If more than one rule is created, the rules will execute from the top down. If there is an overlap, the rule at the top will execute and the rule with the overlap will be ignored.

View, Search and Manage

Accreditations can be viewed, searched and managed on the accreditations screen which can be accessed from the manage learning menu.

Browse to Manage Learning > Accreditations.


This screen displays enrolments of catalogue items with learning type of accreditation attached.

Award accreditation

You can award accreditations by selecting the


The search facility permits you to search for users and accreditations. It also allows you to filter by date and status.


Accreditations can be managed by selecting the

  1. Dates relating to the accreditation can be edited.
  2. Status can be set to suspend lapse or reinstate.
  3. Redirect allows you to change the Current Approver.
  4. This section provides a summary of requirements.

End User Experience

End users will not have access to the Accreditation dashboard until it is enabled by an administrator in Browse Learning. This is covered in the setup topic.

Note: Accreditations show in My Learning Transcript but do not show in My Learning.

Browse to the home page.

  1. Select Browse Learning.

A new left hand menu item, Accreditations, will be displayed.

  1. Select Accreditations.

The accreditations dashboard will be displayed. The tiles display information on the status and provide a link to access the prerequisites.

If View details & apply is selected a popup will be displayed with information on the prerequisite requirements and links to access and undertake the learning.

When the prerequisites have been completed, an Apply button will be displayed.

When a learner selects Apply they will be taken through the approval workflow. This workflow may differ from the screenshots below depending on the approval workflow set in the catalogue item. You can find out more about this topic in our document on self enrolment settings.

The enrolment request will be placed in an approval queue which can be accessed in Assess Accreditations. The accreditation tile will move into a status of Pending.

Assess Accreditations

Accreditation approvals can be viewed and managed in Assess Accreditations.

Note that if the catalogue item template has Enable Auto Enrolment selected, the approval will be actioned by a scheduled task. This is covered in the Set scheduled job topic.

Browse to Manage Learning > Assess Accreditations.

A screen will be displayed where accreditations can be viewed and managed.

Two options are available to manage enrolments.

Option one

  1. Select the checkbox at the top to manage all users or next to names of selected users to manage individually.
  2. Select Approve or Reject.

A popup will be displayed.

  1. Select Yes.

Option two

These steps are covered in the topic managing accreditations.

Set Scheduled Job

A scheduled job is available to lapse and expire accreditations as well as check auto enrolments. You can find out general information about Scheduling here.

Browse to Settings > Scheduling.

  1. Enter a Job Name.
  2. Select Check Accreditations.
  3. Select Check Currency.
  4. Select Check Auto Enrolments.
  5. Set the timing options.
  6. Select Save Scheduled Job.

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