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An assignment is a learning asset used to allocate work to learners. Assignment have functionality for learners to make submissions in the form of discussions and attachments. Markers and learners can interact by sending the assignment submissions back and forth to each other for review and marking.

Add an Assignment

Steps to adding an assignment

  1. Browse to Manage Learning > Manage Learning Assets
  2. Select Add Learning Asset.
  3. Select New Assignment.
  4. Complete the form as required:
  5. Enter a Name. The identifier will automatically populate.
  6. Enter a Description and Instructions.
  7. Optionally add Assignment files with additional instructions for learners.
  8. Complete the:
    • Settings section
    • Permissions section
    • Marking Rubric section
    • Competencies section
  9. Click Save Assignment button

Note that the assignment learning asset must be linked to a catalogue item for the user to access and complete.

Settings Section

The Settings section provides options to limit posts, attachments, submissions and the release of assignment marks. You can specify what the learner must do in this section.

OptionDescription / Action
Allow multiple files in an individual postsWhen enabled a user can upload multiple files in a single assignment submission
Submit on post (only one submission allowed)Only one submission from the user will be allowed. When assignment is submitted, it is automatically included in the marking queue.
Submit on post (multiple submissions allowed)Multiple submissions are allowed. The assignment will automatically be included in the marking queue after the first submission, however, the user can continue to make updates.
Multiple posts with separate submitMultiple submissions are allowed until submitted. Users must manually click a separate ‘Submit’ button for inclusion of the assignment into the marking queue. Once submitted no further updates are allowed.
Allow submit for reviewAssignment submitted for review will appear in a review queue for markers to acknowledge.
Release as soon as markedMarks will be released to a user as soon as a submission is marked
Require specific action to releaseMarks will not be released to a user until they are explicitly released by an administrator in the Assignment Submission management area.

Permissions Section

The permissions section allows the inclusion of a marker or markers for the assignment.

  1. Expand the Permissions section
  2. Select a user from the User drop menu
  3. Select the Role of Marker from the Role drop menu
  4. Click the Add button

Note that the securable area of the marker role may require configuration to provide access to the assignment submission queue. Please contact your Janison account manager or support team for assistance.

Marking Rubric Section

The Marking Rubric is optional, it provides a section to add instructions on the marking criteria for the assignment. It will only be visible to the markers.

There are three areas in the marking rubric section:

  1. Marking Rubric Text box to enter information
  2. Marker Instruction File(s) where detailed instructions for the marker can be uploaded
  3. Scored option allows you to enter a numerical value to set a passmark between 0 and 10

Competencies Section

Competencies can be optionally added to assignments. They need to be created in a separate area of the system, you can read more about this feature in our document on competencies.

There are two available options:

  1. Automatically award all competencies when learner passes the assignment
  2. Require the facilitator (marker) to manually award the competencies.

Note the competency plugin must be enabled to use this feature. Please contact your Janison account manager or support team for assistance and information.

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