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Financial Delegations


Financial Delegations is a Multi-step financial approval system that allows organisations to set financial approval limits for different positions along a managerial hierarchy. When a user attempts to enrol into a course with Financial Delegations applied to it, the enrolment request is sent through a hierarchy of positions for approval. Enrolments can only be approved by a position whose Financial Delegation level meets the required price of the catalogue item which the enrolment request is for.

The level of Financial Delegation a user has, is assigned to their position. Usually, positions lower in the managerial hierarchy would have less Financial Delegation than positions higher up. However, positions can be configured in any way that suits the organisation.

In the example below, there are four positions. The lowest position of Requesters has no level of Financial Delegation. Requesters report to First Position. The Managers within First Position have a Financial Delegation level of $500, therefore, these managers can approve Requester’s enrolments costing up to $500. If a First Position manager decides to approve the enrolment but not the cost, that enrolment is sent further up the hierarchy to the next manager for approval.

Managers who are linked in the hierarchy or share the same position can redirect the approval process to different managers.

If a Requester chooses an inactive Manager as their approver the system will pass the approval ownership over them to the next available manager higher up in the managerial hierarchy.

If the items described in this document are missing from your site, the plugin may not be active. Please contact your account manager for assistance.

Initial Settings

Self Enrolment settings

View document on Self Enrolment Settings.

Browse to Settings > Self Enrolment Settings.

  1. Select Allow Enrolment Method override per Catalogue Item.
  2. Select Multi-Step Financial Delegation Approval.
  3. Select Save Settings.

Note: You will only need to configure this setting once for the site.

Catalogue Item settings

Browse to Manage Learning > Manage Catalogue.

  1. Select Add Catalogue Item or edit an existing Catalogue Item.

  1. Enter the Price of the catalogue.
  2. Select the Self Enrolment Settings section.
  3. Select Multi-Step Financial Delegation Approval from the Enrolment Method dropdown.
  4. Optionally, select Confirm cost with learner. This option allows users to set the price of the catalogue. Its intended use being, if a user was able to secure a discount on the catalogue the user would input the discounted price paid during their enrolment.
  5. Select Save Catalogue Item.

Note: You will need to configure this setting for every Catalogue Item requiring Financial Delegations.

Position settings

View document on Positions.

Browse to Manage People > Positions.

  1. Select Add Position or edit an existing position.

  1. Set the position’s Financial Delegation Level by inputting a price.
  2. Select Save Position.

Managing Approvals

When a user requests enrolment into a course with Financial Delegation the system sends the enrolment to their preferred manager for approval. A manager can choose to approve the enrolment with costapprove the enrolment without cost or reject the enrolment.

Approval with cost

Browse to Manage Learning > Approve Learning.

Within Approve Learning you will see a list of all outstanding approval requests.

The key aspects of this list are:

  1. The Price of this enrolment. If the Confirm cost with learner setting is enabled the price will reflect the value the requester input.
  2. The With Cost check box shows whether you are approving the enrolment with or without cost. If selected, the enrolment will be approved.
  3. The Next Approver column shows who this request will be sent to if approved without cost.
  4. The View more link will take you to the enrolment details page where you can approve this enrolment or redirect it to a different approver.

To approve With Cost:

  1. Select the check box left of the User.
  2. Select the With Cost check box.
  3. Select Approve.

  1. Select Yes to confirm the action.

This will approve the enrolment and allow the user access to the learning.

Approval without cost

If an enrolment’s price is above your level of Financial Delegation you are only able to approve the enrolment without cost. You may also choose to approve an enrolment without cost even if the enrolment is within your level of Financial Delegation.

  1. Select the check box left of the user’s name.
  2. Clear the With Cost check box. Notice, that if an enrolment is outside of your Financial Delegation level the With Cost check box is cleared and locked automatically.
  3. Select Approve.

  1. Select Yes to confirm the action.

Approval without cost will send the enrolment to the next available approver in your managerial hierarchy. In this example, the Next Approver is Francie Finamore. If Francie has the required level of Financial Delegation to approve the cost he is able to approve with cost, otherwise, he would approve it without the cost and send it on to the next approver.

If the enrolment goes through this process several times and reaches the last manager or the last manager in a managerial hierarchy with a Financial Delegations level high enough to approve the request, the With Cost check box becomes selected and locked.

Rejecting enrolments

Enrolments can be rejected in the same way as above. Select Reject and confirm the action via the popup. This will cancel the enrolment against the requesting user.

Further Managing Enrolments

Enrolments can also be managed from the enrolment details page. This provides more details about the enrolment, provides an option to change the status and to redirect the approval process to a different Manager.

  1. Select View more.

Alternatively you can browse to Manage Learning > Enrolments and select the
 icon to the right of the user.

Approve or reject enrolment

  1. Select Change.

  1. Select Approve with costApprove without cost or Reject. These options are responsive to the user’s level of Financial Delegation and their position within the managerial hierarchy. Options will appear or disappear based on the user’s Financial Delegation level.

  1. Select Yes.

Redirect approval

This option allows you to change who the next approver will be.

  1. Select Redirect.

A popup will be displayed.

  1. Select the next approver from the list of Available Approvers. Available approvers will only include managers within the same position as you (parallel) or managers above you in the hierarchy.
  2. Select Confirm.

The user specified within this process will now have ownership of the approval process. You will no longer be able to approve the enrolment or redirect it again.

End User Experience

Learners will access their catalogue items from Browse Learning.

When a learner enrols in a Catalogue Item with Financial Delegations, the enrolment wizard will take them through the following steps.

Step 1 – Approval Workflow

The learner may need to set the cost of this enrolment. This option is only available when the Confirm cost with learner setting is enabled within the Catalogue Item.

When they have completed Step 1 an enrolment confirmation summary will be displayed.

Step 2 – Confirmation

When they have completed the enrolment wizard, the enrolment will appear in their Learning.

Learners can select Read More to see the Enrolment details.

Until the enrolment is approved or rejected the enrolment status will be pending. It will not be possible for learners to access the catalogue item until it has been approved.

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