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Catalogue Item Templates

Catalogue Item Templates can be used to specify default settings when creating new Catalogue Items. This is useful where the same set of configurations are required for multiple Catalogue Items.


Browse to Settings > Catalogue Item Settings.

The Catalogue Item Templates section lists the available templates each containing a summary of configurations.

  1. Available: If selected the template will be listed for selection on Catalogue Item creation.
  2. Default: The template set as Default will appear at the top of the Catalogue Template list on Catalogue Item creation.
  3. Custom Attribute Set: This allows you to link to a custom page from within a Catalogue Item. You can find out more about this feature in our document on Custom Attribute Types in the section on Custom Views.
  4. Workflow: You can find out more about this feature in our document on Workflows.
  5. Auto-tag: Catalogue Items will be automatically tagged with tags listed in this column.
  6. Identifier Pattern: Settings made define the format of the Catalogue Item Identifier.
  7. Actions: Selecting the  icon will give you edit access to the Template. If the icon is not displayed, the template has been created at a global level and is locked for editing on the local tenant.

Templates can only be deleted if they have not been linked to a Catalogue Item in which case an  icon will be displayed.

Add a new template

  1. Select Add new template.

  1. Enter a Name.
  2. Select a Workflow. You can find out more about this feature in our document on Catalogue Item Workflows.

Identifier Auto Generation

This section provides you with the option to specify a format for your Catalogue Item identifier. When Catalogue Items are created using this template, the Identifier will be automatically populated.

  1. Enter an Identifier Pattern. This will determine the first letters or numbers of the Catalogue Item.
  2. Select a Token. The token will determine the integers that follow.

In the example below, on creation of a new Catalogue Item, the Identifier field has been auto populated based on an identifier pattern of CI and a token of Number (6 digits).


All Tag fields are optional

  1. Auto-tag: On creation, new Catalogue Items will automatically be tagged with the tags added to this field.
  2. Limit tags: This will limit the tags that can be associated with a Catalogue Item. Selecting this option will activate the two fields below where the tags can be specified.
  3. Allowable Tag Types: The tags types added here will limit the tags available for selection in a Catalogue Item. Note that super admins, tennant admins and org admins will not be limited by these tag restrictions. An additional field will be available to users with these roles where they can add tags other than the ones set as allowable. A field Other Tags will be displayed in the tags section of the Catalogue item.
  4. Mandatory Tag Types: The tag types added here enforce at least one tag from this category to be added.

When editing the Catalogue Item Tags section based on the above settings, it will appear like this.

Custom attributes

This section of the template allows you to add custom attributes which work in conjunction with the catalogue item workflows feature. It can be used to gather information about a catalogue item so that when an approver views the catalogue item they can use this information as criterion for approval. For example, a catalogue item developer may be required to check a box to confirm that they have permission to use the content in their catalogue item. The catalogue item will not be approved if this option is not selected.

You will need to create a custom attribute set with one or more custom attributes before you can use this feature. You can find out more about this feature in our document on custom attributes.

When a custom attribute is selected in the template, a new section, Information to support workflow approval, will appear in the metadata section of the Catalogue item.

When hovering over the  icon the text behind the declaration can be viewed.

The developer checks the box and selects Save Information to support workflow approval.

Note that custom attributes can be added to catalogue items in other ways as described in our document on Custom Attributes.

Optional inclusions

Enable extra role assignment

Activating this option will add a section to the Catalogue Item with the option to add extra roles to users which would give them scope over the Catalogue Item.

This other items in this section give you the option to hide items or make them visible on the Catalogue Item. Some of the fields have a Mandatory checkbox. If any of these are selected, it will not be possible for the author to save the Catalogue Item without populating them.

Catalogue Item Creation

When a new catalogue Item is created, a window will appear where you can select the required Catalogue Template.

When selected, the settings in the template will be applied to the new Catalogue Item.

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