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Approve Learning

Approve learning relates closely to Self-enrolment Settings on catalogue items. In this section of catalogue items, enrolment restrictions can be set so that learners require approval of their enrolment before they can access the catalogue item. Approval of these catalogue item enrolments are undertaken by administrators or managers in the approve learning screen.

You can find out more about this topic in our document on self enrolment settings and manage catalogue.

Browse to Manage Learning > Approve Learning to access approval requests.


Approve Enrolment Requests

Learner experience

During enrolment into a catalogue item, the learner will be guided through the process and notified of the approval requirements. This screen may differ depending on the self enrolment set on the catalogue item.

An approval request will be triggered and an email sent to the relevant approver.

The approval request will also appear in the Approve Learning screen.

Approvals can be made on individual requests or in bulk.

Process approval requests in bulk

Browse to Manage Learning > Approve Learning.

  1. Select the checkbox next to the users you would like to approve.
    Selecting the top checkbox will select all records.
  2. Select Approve or Reject.

On approval, an email will be triggered and sent to the user notifying them that their enrolment has been approved (or rejected).

Process individual approval requests

  1. Select View More for the user you would like to approve.

You will be directed to the Enrolment screen.

  1. Select Change followed by Reject or Approve.

You can also redirect the approval to another approver. This is useful when the current approver is unavailable and someone else will need to do the approval instead.

  1. Select Redirect.

A confirmation popup will be displayed.

  1. Select an Available Approver from the dropdown.
  2. Select Confirm.

The next approver will receive an email and will be responsible for approving the enrolment.

Approval Workflows

Workflow types

Self-enrol enabled catalogue items can be set to require approval.

  • The 1-step approval workflow requires one approver to approve the enrolment.
  • The 2-step approval workflow requires two levels of approvers to approve the enrolment.

See help content on self-enrolment restrictions for more details.

During self-enrolment

When a learner self-enrols in a catalogue item assigned with an approval workflow, they will be guided through the enrolment process by the approval workflow wizard. This wizard will contain options matching the catalogue item’s self-enrolment approval workflow settings. Depending on these settings, the learner will be able to do one of the following:

  • Submit the learning request, without needing to choose an approver. This option is presented to the learner if the workflow is set to choose the approver automatically.
  • Select an approver from the list of available approvers for each step of the approval workflow and then submit the learning request.

When the learner finishes the enrolment workflow wizard, an approval request is triggered and an email will be sent to the approver in the workflow – or in the case of a 2-step workflow, sent to the first approver.

Until the request is actioned, the learner will see an enrolment status of Pending for the catalogue item.

During the approval workflow process

1-Step approval

The approver will receive an email notifying them of an enrolment requiring approval. The approver will need to access the Approve Learning screen in the system and action the request. As this is the final approval stage, there is no subsequent approver and no Next Approver will be listed.

2-Step approval

The first approver will receive an email notifying them of an enrolment requiring approval and will need to access the Approve Learning screen in the system and action the request. The Next Approver field will show the user who will be notified of the learning request, once the first approver has approved the request.

  • If the first approver approves the request, intermediary approval is granted and the request will be sent to the second approver for final approval.
  • If the first approver rejects the learning request, the request is cancelled and the second approver will not receive a notification.

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