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Manage Learning Assets


Learning assets are the components of catalogue items, for example courses, events, forums etc.

To access learning assets browse to Manage Learning > Manage Learning Assets.

You will be directed to the learning asset index.

Note if this is a new tenant no assets will be listed.

From this screen you can:

Create new learning assets

Check out our help guides for more information on each learning asset type and how to create them:

  • Assignment
  • Course (Janison Designer)
  • Discussion Forums
  • Learning Events
  • Learning Plans
  • LTI Resource (New)
  • Other Learning
  • SCORM Course
  • Subscriptions
  • Survey
  • Tests
  • Trackable Documents

Search for an existing learning asset

The Search feature has a range of filters to assist you in finding the required learning asset.

Note: You can include one or all filter options.

These include:

  • Search for learning asset (name)
    Enter the name of the learning asset
  • Learning Asset Type
    Select the learning asset type from the drop menu
  • Date created – before or after.
    Enter a date range if required

Archive one or more learning assets

Archiving a learning asset will prevent it from appearing in the catalogue item components dropdown.

Note unless configured to restrict access users will be able to access learning assets when archived (if already enrolled.

  1. Go to Manage Learning > Manage Learning Assets
  2. Search for the required learning asset
  3. Select the check box to the left of the learning asset you would like to archive.
    Note selecting the top checkbox will select all learning assets on the page.
  4. Click the Archive button

Archived items can be reinstated by:

  1. Select the Inactive tab
  2. Search for the required archived learning asset
  3. Select the check box to the left of the learning asset you would like to reinstate
  4. Click the Unarchive button

View a learning asset

To view learning asset details, select its name from the list of learning assets. The details screen will vary depending on the type of learning asset you are viewing. This is an example of a details view of a plan.

Note the section, Associated Catalogue Items which provides links to catalogue items with this learning asset linked.

Edit learning asset

If the learning asset has progress records (enrolments) then editing functionality can be restricted.

When viewing a learning asset as detailed above, you can enter edit mode by selecting Edit [learning asset name], where [Learning asset name] will be the type of learning asset.

Learning Asset Types

The learning assets available for your selection may vary from those listed below, depending on the plugins you have active on your site.

Add Learning Asset

Adding a learning asset via this method will not create a catalogue item. You will need to created a catalogue item after the learning asset has been created. You can find out more about this feature in our document on manage catalogue.

Browse to Manage Learning > Manage Learning Assets.

  1. Select Add Learning Asset.

  1. Select the required learning asset from the list.

Subsequent screens depend on the type of learning asset selected and are covered in the documents on the related learning types.

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