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Other Learning


As with most learning asset types there are two methods to adding this asset type:
  1. via Manage Learning > Manage Learning Assets > New Other Learning
  2. via Manage Learning > Add Learning wizard

Adding Other Learning via Manage Learning Assets

  1. Select Manage Learning > Manage Learning Assets > Add Learning Asset
  2. Select New Other Learning
  3. Complete the form as required:
    • Enter a Name
    • Identifier is auto populated from the name
    • Select or Quick Add a Learning Type
    • Select a print template (if applicable)
    • Include Description and Instructions
  4. Complete Verification Settings section
  5. Complete Submit Button Options section
  6. Complete General Settings section
  7. Complete Contacts section
  8. Click Save Other Learning

Adding Other Learning via Add Learning Wizard

  1. Navigate to Manage Learning > Add Learning. Step 1 – Learning Type
  2. Select Other Learning.
  3. Select Next. Step 2 – Tell us about your Other Learning.
  4. Complete the required sections
    • What are the details of the Other Learning?
    • What tags would describe this Other Learning?
    • Who is the Primary Contact for this Other Learning
    • Advanced Details
    • Point Allocation
  5. Select Next Step 3 – Details – What are your Other Learning details?
    • Type
    • Description and instructions
    • Verification Settings
    • Submit Button Settings
    • General Settings
    • Contacts
  6. Select Next Step 4 – Success
    • Change the status as required
  7. Select Finish.
You will be directed to the newly created catalogue item with the Other Learning linked.

Other Learning Form sections in detail

Verification Settings

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