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Speaking questions require the candidates to speak about one or more topics and their verbal response is recorded and later marked.

Ultimately, these questions are designed to have candidates demonstrate their proficiency in a particular language by assessing a number of criteria such as fluency, coherence, lexical resource, pronunciation, grammatical range and accuracy.


These types of questions could also be used to ask candidates to demonstrate a particular skill, such as how they would greet customers, or explain how they would do something.

The following screen capture is the candidate view of a speaking question with three steps. The steps are represented by the small circles at the bottom of the screen.

This question type must have someone mark it manually.

Create item

  1. Follow the steps covered in the Creating a question section.
  2. Select File Upload from the Type drop-down field, then select Speaking from the Sub Type drop-down field.

Include a microphone test

In the Microphone Test expandable section, you are presented with two options for including a microphone test:

Include MicrophoneTest If selected, candidates will be able to test their microphone before commencing the questions in a test. This microphone test screen is displayed as soon as a candidate enters the test.
Customise MicrophoneTest If selected, you will be given the opportunity to customise the text they will see when completing their microphone test.

Candidates will see the following (matching what has been set in the Customise Microphone Test section):

Recording sequence

In the Recording Sequence expandable section, you will add your questions.

  1. Select the Create recording sequence button.

    You will see a Nav Sequence panel on the left showing you the parts and steps, and a Help Panel on the right.


    You can rename the part by selecting it and editing the Title.

    You will now create one of more steps. Steps contain the question content.

  2. Select the Step 1 link to display the information for this step.
  3. Complete the following:
    1. Enter a title for the first step (question) in the Title field.
    2. Enter any audio or image resources (optional) in the Audio and Image fields. If added, they will display in the question stem.
    3. Enter the question into the Text field.
  4. Enter the timing options into the Timing section.


    It’s common for the first step to contain instructions. If this step provides instructions, you don’t need to set timing options.

    When you add timing for a step, the Nav Sequence icons will change from to a microphone icon.

  5. To add a new step, select the Add Step button, then repeat the above steps 3-4 to add the details of the next step.
  6. When finished adding all parts and steps, select the Save Test Question button to save.

Marking options

Once you save the question, the Marking expandable section becomes available. This is where you set your marking rubric and marking scheme components.


If you have previously created a marking rubric and/or marking scheme components in a question, you can copy them from that question to save time.

See the Manually marked questions section for more information on adding a marking rubric and marking scheme components.

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