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Gap match interaction

A gap match interaction item requires test-takers to drag text or images from a bay of selections into drop areas (gaps) within text.

Our practice test to the right covers different use-cases of this item type.

In the screen captures below you can view an example of a simple gap match interaction item type, we’ve used text for the content of the item.

gap match interaction practice test

Open this test in the Janison test player and complete three examples of gap match interaction items.

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Create a gap match interaction item

Navigate to Author > Items.

Select Add Test Item from the Actions drop-down.

The New Test Item screen displays.

Complete the form as required. Below is an example of  an new item we created.

Select Gap Match Interaction as the item type and enter the Item stem.

In the next section we can set the orientation, scoring type and enter the interaction body.

Orientation – The options are Above and Below. This will determine if the bay of selections are located above or below the interaction body. We have added examples of both these options in the sample test.

Scoring Type – The options are Correct/Incorrect and Per distractor. See the Setting scores and marking below to learn more about this.

Interaction Body  – Enter your text into the Interaction Body field. To add gaps, place your mouse curser where you would like the gap placed and then right click and Insert Gap. You could also add gaps by selecting Insert from the top menu and then Insert Gap

Minimum Gap Display Width – Enter a number between 100 and 1220 into the field. This is the width of the drop areas in pixels . If this is left blank, the minimum width default to 100px.


In this section you’ll enter the responses.

Fixed – Check this box if you want the option to display to test-takers as an example of an answered question. The option will not be movable. You can view an example of this in the practice test at the top.

Text – Enter your text or upload images into the Text fields. You can use the images   icon to load images. You can view an example of an item with images in the practice test at the top.

Match Max – Enter the maximum number of matches for each item in the Match Max fields. If you set match max to ‘1’, the test-taker can only drag the text or images from the bay of selections to one drop area below. The text or image will no longer display in the top bay once the match max number is reached. If set to 2, the text or images can be placed twice.

Correct – Select the correct gaps and then Save Test Item.

Setting scores and marking

Gap match interaction item types are system marked.

Scoring type

There are two scoring types available, correct/incorrect and per distractor.


With this scoring type, the test-taker must select all correct responses to get the item correct.

Per distractor

With this scoring type, additional scoring options will become available to the item author, allowing them to add a score for each response.

Min Score – Setting a value in this field will determine the minimum score that the system can assign to the item.
Max Score – Setting a value in this field will determine the maximum score that the system can assign to the item.
Default Value – The system will use this value if a row doesn’t have a value in the Score column.

A scoring section becomes available below where item authors can set a score per distractor.

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